"Street Couture" By Yoyo Barrientos | Estilo Moda '17

Yoyo Barrientos steps out his comfort zone (so to speak) to bring us, "Prêt à Porter", AKA, Ready to wear fashion. Barrientos has been sauntering around the idea of Prêt à porter for a while now, the designer, who has already made a name for himself in Honduran fashion and specially in couture design, is now stepping into a more youthful and expansive marked. Yoyo as people call him lovingly, is now betting on a couture-ish appeal into a more day to day, wearable fashion. 

The whole concept of "ready to wear" fashion, was created to bring this designer most wanted items into stores or boutiques sooner rather then later, as the couture collections or designer collections in general usually have a waiting period before they are available for sell, so here is were this idea comes to life, allowing both consumer and fashion houses to supply and fulfill this chain of offer and demand. But enough business talk, Barrientos, innovates yet again bringing this concept to life in the Honduran fashion industry, making him yet again a pioneer.

Not leaving his couture background behind and his amazing work, Barrientos incorporates all this into a modern era. The mix of a minimal aesthetic with trendy fabrics and cuts makes this a collection for the modern fashionista.

We can see the designer mixing and matching statement fabrics with prints with more demure, neutral tones, for the risk takers that are willing to embrace it. Appliqués, lace and transparencies are all in order, this collection embraces all the trendy and stylish elements that make a memorable collection. Barrientos brings all the major elements of design and style into play, embracing all the most iconic trends of the moment and applying his own personal brand to them. 

Minimal cuts and silhouettes make up for perfect, ready to wear garments, all elevated to that couture level the the modern fashionista looks for in a brand. Some pieces have an asian influence. Neck cuts, mostly present on the menswear pieces, showcase the "Mao"style which is very famously worn by the Indi culture in Asia. The use of Tassels, another trendy element and also very much present in the Asian Culture, makes a stylish appearance as appliqués and belt like pieces and several outfits. 

Some Parisian and mediterranean elements can also be appreciated on some pieces on the collection. Tutus, the use of lace and some baroque prints, all make reference to this attributes, also the use a rose or floral prints and appliqués, add up to this feature.

Barrientos also puts into action the play between formal and casual wear, this is after all the effect he is going for with this collection appropriately entitled "Street Couture". Leaving aside the full black tie attire, Barrientos ads a T'shirt with is brand logo to the outfits to make the looks more wearable and day today looking, complying with his approach to ready to wear line of design. 

The evening gowns take a turn to the minimal side. While keeping the couture vibe, the gowns are "simpler" and the cuts more "daring" and youthful. Some other more mature look can also be appreciated on the collection, adding up to the wide range of design Mr. Barrientos is capable of.

Colors vary from neutral tones, to pastels and so on it evolves into darker shades and of course the pop of color her and there. Menswear also takes a turn to minimalism and neutrality. The cuts and silhouettes, like I mentioned before, have an Asian influence, the blazers and coats have this inverted "V"cut that make it more modern and stylish, and take a different approach to the classics. The one tone aesthetic takes a big part into this part of the collection, most menswear looks stay within the same shade for both pants and blazer.


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