SS '18 By Mary Ann Kafati | Estilo Moda '17

Mary Ann Kafati is one to deliver, and during Estilo Moda '17, she did not disappoint. A collection I was personally looking forward to, since a small chat I had with the designer during the opening cocktail event for Estilo Moda, and of course, because she is, no doubt, and shamelessly one of my favorite Honduran designers, and just because I really look forward to see her work.

This collection was in full "bloom"; kafati, metaphorically, hand picked her best blossoms from the gardens of her mind and turned them into stylish master pieces. A collection with an asian infuse from my point of view, that may not be so obvious to some, but definitely not overlooked. The fabrics used were silky, satined and printed with what resembled cherry blossoms petals in both pink and blue tones. Not only the textures from the fabrics, but, also the classic cuts, the use of contemporary kimonos, tailored with sporty details that gave them a modern appeal.

The garments cuts were the classic and stylish cuts that the designer knows so well and that fit their owner to perfection. Peplums, strapless or thin starpped, round neck and deep "V" cuts were very much present on the pieces. Of course the Caribbean vibes were also part of the collection, with reveling cuts and the peplum tailoring details. More demure and mature pieces, also played a part on this collection; oversized pants and blouses and one shouldered pieces for a more mature audience, yet Kafati, brings the pieces to a more contemporary and "youthful" state by applying certain details in tailoring, like: sleeveless blouses, asymmetrical cuts and elongated elements that provide a more "dramatic" and "youthful" effect.

One of my favorite elements, was the feature of this stripped straps on certain pieces that, to me, gave the pieces a very "sporty" vibe and reminded me a bit of baseball as well. This "kimonos" were one of my favorite pieces from this collection. Of course the tailoring is always something to talk about, as it is impecable, other than that I also love how the designer can take classic features and turn them into contemporary pieces fro the modern fashionista.

All Photos by Daniel Mendoza © for Estilo Magazine, Estilo Moda '17 ®


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