"Blue Coral" By Gian Padilla | Estilo Moda '17

You know I'm not a colorful person, not when it comes to fashion or other wise, but I acknowledge great work and artistry, and that is exactly what will be happening during this post. I First saw Gian during Fashion Week Honduras 2016, back when I was also doing photography. For that event I was selected as one of the official photographers (ah, good times), it was back then that I came to know and like this designer. With a unique and remarkable aesthetic, Gian gives us her take on fashion design, and her work is truly something noteworthy. Last year during Estilo Moda '17 she proved this statement and left a very notable mark on the map of Honduran fashion.

This year, her collection "Blue Coral", (which, I'm still uncertain if it was actually inspired by actual coral), was an eye catcher from start to finish. Beautiful, colorful garments, assembled "odd" or non symmetrical shapes were the major feature on this collection. This was a clash of classical retro shapes with modern design techniques, proving the designer's out the box thinking and creativity.

While the silhouettes had mostly a retro appeal, with 60's and 80's vibes, the addition of this assembled asymmetrical shapes and the use bright colors, brought the collection to life and gave it a contemporary approach, also bringing it to this era. One thing I will not forget will be the moment a very renown Honduran designer, stepped up after her show and applauded her very gallantly, recognizing her intricate work, and right after the runway was over, he came over to our group and said to us: "You know how hard it is to pull up those shapes as impeccably as she has? wow, my respects!". As if her entire show had not yet won me over, this comment was the final drop to truly appreciate her body of work. The use and mix of bright colors with some other less cheerful like brown more for a perfect tonality mix-match, giving the pieces a color-blocking effect. Beautiful and perfectly achieved folds, contributed to this retro vibe, as well as some very delicate and "demure" peplum effects. Some layering could be seen on some pieces, although mostly where "flat" or non layered.

The color was of course a major characteristic attribute, and something that defines this designer particularly. The use of quirky, eccentric styles. This collection was then no exception, and something to be celebrated. Some pieces and perhaps the most noteworthy, were "onesies": elongated, ankle length garments, that were a full out canvas, to expose her intricate work with the use of those assembled asymmetrical shapes . Also noteworthy were her coats, military inspired, cargo coats, also with a very retro appeal. The coats were scattered pieces that gave the collection yet another outstanding notorious feature. Oversized elements were of course very present on this collection. Sleeves on the coats and some other pieces as well as  the "Onesies" were the most notable ones with this feature, one that was perfectly displayed and achieved.

Gian is once again leaving her mark on the Honduran fashion map, and what a stamp this is. I certain look forward to her future work and her future in the fashion industry, in Honduras and elsewhere, as I am Sure her work will take her many places. 



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