Look 1, Day 1 Estilo Moda '!7 X Distefano Shop

For the first day of "Estilo Moda" '17, I once again partnered up with Distefano Shop. This time I wanted to fully embrace the brand's campaign concept, and apply it to my sense of style. Although still very simple and minimal, like I usually dress, this look was a bit more of a "step out of my comfort zone", I played a little more then usual with details and elements then what I normally do with my outfits.

This look was a youthful concept, with a 90's edge, brought to a contemporary approach with details in styling, like the tucked in shirt, a "tied up" belt and slightly high waisted pant. For a more mature looking component I added the always reliable and trendy blazer. The blazer helps, giving the look a more demure tonality

 To kept the "youthful" vibe alive, I mostly carried the blazer over one shoulder or wore it at elbow length, hanging out, to allow the print on the back of the T'shirt to show. The white socks, gave the look a trendy 90's vibe, a huge trend right now and one I've meaning to try for a while, and this was the right moment. A bit risky (or a least for me) this look was quite fun, I was very comfortable, and felt great in it.


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