#MusicMonday Jamiexx - In colour

"In colour" will have you playing it on repeat over and over again...
Jamiexx from The XX has ventured on a solo project, and oh I thank and praise him for it. The LP is called "In Colour" a brilliant dance, new wave - alternative record that will have you tripping for a good solid 43 minutes.
The record consists of 11 songs, all very trippy, new wave like with a very unique dance feel to them, every single sound comes right on time and hits the right spot (so to speak) the production and sound mixing is simply impeccable theres no oder way to describe it, i don't know much about the earlier but i can tell you it is brilliant and if you listen for yourself and sure you will agree.
My favorites: 
-Stranger In a Room 
-The Rest is Noise 
"Obvs" and "The Rest is Noise" have a very trippy vibe which is particularly my thing and that's why I like them the most, just a mixture of electrifying sounds that give you a musical high
"Stranger in a Room" along with "Loud Places" and "Seesaw" give you that XX classic vibe, its material similar to the one you have heard from The XX since these are collaborations with former XX band member Romy and also Oliver Sim who's no stranger to collaborating with them; so for those of you xx fans those songs might appeal to you the most, or might remind you most of the bands previous work
"Girl" is probably my favorite its a very sultry, sexy song, you can definitely tell he was thinking of a girl when he did this song it just evokes a girls swagger if that makes sense
There is only one particular down on the album and that is "I know there's gonna be (good times)" which is more of and urban- dance song and i totally get why he placed on the record, jamiexx is a producer after all and ultimately he wants to showcase some variety, at least id like to assume that is why he choose to include it on the record, but the song is so out of place and by all means unnecessary. The song is not bad its just out of place and it rather feels like a cliché kinda song, what i mean is that its not very original its a new vibe feeling like the rest of the album does have.
Other than that this albums is very good a solid 43 min production that will definitely have you playing it over and over again. 
My recommendation: put your headphones on, lay back and enjoy.


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