#asappmovies Cinefilia : Spy

Spy is only the best Action/Comedy movie you will see this year...
I love a good comedy and if it involves Melissa McArthy, even better, she's one of the greatest actresses out there, loved her in pretty much every role, from her small part in "Charlie's Angels: Full Througtle" to this brilliant movie.
Not only is it a kick *ss action movie (and I don't like those very much) it is a brilliant comedy that will have LOLing the whole time. Stateham gives the movie the serious action feel that the producers wanted it to have, but he also gives it an unexpected comedy twist, he's role is brilliant, he's the "dumb" spy agent, whilst McArthy is the CIA office aid turned into a bad *ss field agent.
The actress from Bridesmaids Rose Byrne is also amazing in her role, what I love about her the most is that she's been doing very different roles lately and to see her doing this one was just great.
You Really need to go watch it in case you haven't it really is worth the admission.
Here's the trailer:


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