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"My Sweet Darkness" by Morena Perpetua | Estilo Moda '17 Day 1

Hello Sappers! we meet again, this time I have a lot coming your way. This past few days have been very cramped and I hadn't had the time to publish anything on the blog, but I'm catching up, and I really do have lots to tell you about. First and foremost, of course, we'll talk about "Estilo Moda"'17.
Estilo Moda '17 took place this past October, two days, where the best of the Honduran fashion was showcased in all it's magnificent splendor. Hosted by "Estilo" Magazine at the "Honduras Maya" Hotel convention center and produced by "Crea Moda", Estilo Moda was a huge success from beginning to end. There is a lot to cover, so I decided to do individual posts about every collection showcased during "Estilo Moda" '17. 
This year was the second edition of "Estilo Moda" and the expectations were high, and on every turn, every expectation was surpassed. The organisation was in charge of "Crea Moda&q…

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