Yves Saint Laurent SS ´19 Menswear

The fashion industry is taking a turn, and a turn for the best I think, as the brands are now stepping out of the scheduled itineraries of  ¨fashion week¨ and showcasing their collections on their on time.  Alexander Wang recently did this and YSL did it as well, and although it was closer to the London Fashion Week Men´s, and sort of the kickstart event, it is still something that I wanted to highlight, as I think this will lead many brands to do the same and brake patterns. 

On to the good stuff now. Anthony Vaccarello, YSL´s house director kickstarted this season with a bang!.
This collection had me going places, as modern and contemporary as it is, you could clearly tell the influences from the golden days. As the designer said himself, he wanted to portrait an era, so he to a look back at the 70´s and he placed all it´glory on this collection. When I said it had me going places it´s because the designers main inspiration might have been the 70´s but he certainly incorporated a good amount of every decade throughout the entire collection. You can see a little 70´s , 80´s and 90´s tailored in the pieces. It was also infused with a little rock and roll and even a bit of western appeal. Most of the pieces have this english rockstar look to them, that classic ¨cool¨ rockstar glam; the fitted pieces on top and the slightly bell bottomed pants that give the looks that retro feel. 

A collection that is very ¨english¨ in every sense of the word, it really took me back to that grunge - rockstars era, the styling played a really important part on this show and they certainly pull it off. The androgynous vibes were very much present on this collection, the high waists, the transparencies, the silky fabrics, the cuts, the fit, this really is a collection that embraces the best from the past and transforms it into a modern, contemporary array or stylish pieces for the up to date fashionista. The colors used for the collection also gave it it´s glam rockstar appeal, but also that minimalism that the modern fashionista seeks now a days. Black was of course the big color,and there was neutral tones use throughout the entire collection with of course the inclusion of reds as a pop of color. Youthful, contemporary, modern and stylish, YSL seems to be headed in the right direction,the house is certainly in good hands under the creative direction of Vaccarello.


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