Versace Menswear SS´19 | Milan Fashion Week

This Versace runway show was too good to only show pictures of it, so I decided to do something different and show you the video instead, so here it is, get ready for the best 12 minutes of your day. Donatella sure knows how to put on a show, year after year, season after season, we see one great show after the other, one magnificent collection after the other, and this year was of course no exception. A trend setter and visionary, Versace, puts together yet another remarkable collection, one filled with color, sparkle, and lots of style. The show was great from start to finish, the music was up beat and you couldn't help but feel the beat and kinda want to step into that runway yourself. The models walked one right after the other in a continuos kaleidoscopical display. Starting from grey, black and white, the designer takes you literally in a progression from the previous season with long, oversized coats paired with baggy, trendy jeans, and beautiful printed Versace shirts and some greatly execute rugged retro white shirts, this of course with big chunky tennis shoes to put it all together. As the collection progresses we see the season´s most predominant trend step into the light: stripes. Stripes and leather slowly make their way into the runway and so, this elements make a statement throughout the entire collection. Next comes the classic Versace pop of color, artistic prints make the way down the runway, followed by leather coats with short shorts, and then more leather and snake like fabric, it´s like all the wrong things in just the right amount, washed out, retro looking pieces mixed with crisp, fresh prints and coats. Then come the florals, baggy, washed out denim pants with one size too small shirts, give the collection it´s contemporary appeal, that trashy-stylish 90´s approach. Along came the neon, it´s not summer without neon, leather pieces make the way down the runway in flamboyant colors and crystal studded prints with a black backdrop to make for the perfect contrast. The entire collection makes the perfect mix and match of overpowering prints and fabrics with contrasting colors that give it a great, wearable balance. This was by far my favorite show, saturated with all the season´s major trends and a balance that only Donatella Versace can achieve with all those elements in play.


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