London Fashion Week Mens SS ´19

Ben Sherman

The designer showcased a collection filled with comfort and sports inspired tailoring. This collection was the perfect match between current trends like: stripes and checkered fabrics and some retro and sports wear inspired fits. The clothes were perfectly fitted, classic tailoring with a modernized approach. The collection was very minimal and colorful in its own accord, some slightly tropical prints were included as it slowly evolved into a more neutral zone of colors. The tailoring was classical and minimalistic, some slightly oversized bomber jackets were included as well as some sports and bowling bags and backpacks.

Modern and youthful, this collection is perfect for the modern men, a man that takes comfort in classics, yet likes a bit a of color and playfulness when it comes to clothing. 

Daniel W. Fletcher

Avant garde meets comfort. Fletcher presented this astonishing collection, which is the perfect combination of creativity and boldness with classic, easy to wear clothing. This retro, leather infused collection was certainly one to watch, the tailoring was impeccable and had a feminine touch to it, some ¨re-invented¨ corsets, and turtle necks were some of my favorite pieces, cuts that are very familiar to females make an appearance on this collection and look surprisingly manly and modern. The boldness displayed by the designer on the pieces of this, he´s latest collection was truly admirable, minimal in it´s own way, this collection plays a fundamental part for the modern men, someone who takes it´s comfort close to heart, yet likes to be risqué and bold, someone who likes to make a statement without being the center of attention with flamboyant displays.

Fletcher´s was definitely one of my favorite collections, the tailoring, the creativity, the boldness and the overall concept and approach to the modern men´s taste.

Edward Crutchley

Leather, retro, oversized and Japanese, those are the four words I use to describe this collection, a contemporary approach to Japanese inspired garments. Classic cuts and fits taken from the Japanese culture which is a major factor for this particular designer as it is a great influence in his life and something that he personally takes great comfort in, this collection is a clear and modern mix and match of that culture and the modern men. Prints and leather give this collection that ¨new world¨, modern appeal, while the oversized fit and easy to wear breathable fabrics, give the pieces that ethereal comfort and spring/summer vibes that have been a mayor characteristic and recent  collections from all brands. The high waisted pieces and transparencies also provide a feminine touch to the garments which is also a mayor trend on the runways, making the garments ¨unisex¨ if you will. 

While mostly on a grey scale, this collection also took a a dive into military greens and baby blues that added to that playfulness between feminine and masculine. Comfort, like I said before, was a big part of this collection, sandals were one other element of choice for the designer, and also one other powerful trend for most brands for the season.

Kent & Curwen 

Preppy Stripes. This youthful collection was fully on trend, preppy english style, mixed with the season´s top trend: stripes. A very english collection that plays with bohemian influences and modern trends, oversized elements mixed with fitted garments make for the perfect outfit. Very colorful in terracottas and reds, this collections makes for the perfect match with the spring season, it evoques the style of the modern english men, mixed with some bohemian roots. A clean and fresh collection, that gave this fashion week a colorful breath of fresh style.

Oliver Spencer

Spencer brought the ultimate sense of style to LFWM, this collection was brilliant in every way. Stylish, trendy, modern, contemporary and everything a more mature men would wear. This collection was an array of colors, from pastels and softer tones to terracotas and greens and yellows, stylish and fresh, the pieces evoked that summer feel, a summer along a coastline or on a yatch or for fancy night out in town during those breezy summer days. Breathable fabrics, easy, comfortable fits, the pieces are simply perfect for the season.

The earthy tones from this collection make the pieces a perfect ¨camo¨ for the season, allowing the person who wears them to blend in with nature in the most stylish way. A slightly bohemian influence, displayed in the most subtle way; add up to the earthiness of this collection, but it isn´t only the colors or the fit and cuts on the pieces, it´s also of course the fabrics: linen and cotton make the pieces once again a perfect match for the summer. Light, fresh, stylish and modern, this collection is perfect for a more thoughtful fashionista.


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