"Disco Glam" By Enrollarte | Estilo Moda '17, Day 1

Last year, Enrollarte gave us a bright a colorful collection, a collection full of beautiful silky smooth printed fabrics; this year the collection by the designer trio was a bit less technicolor, yet still very glamorous and with their classic and notorious summer vibe. Enrollarte is distinguished by their "summer" designs, while they kept that same line of design that makes the brand what it is, this year, they gave the audience a pleasant surprise. Taking the 80's glam as an inspiration, the designers made this vibrant collection, were: gold, silver and white were the stars of the show. 

Either in appliqués or tailoring details or in stamped or full colored fabrics, silver and gold made an appearance on almost every garment, giving the pieces that "disco" vibe and that extra pop of texture that made the garments come to life. Mostly off shoulder, strapless or neck-laced, the pieces were vibrant, shinny and more mature and demure then previous collections. 

The collection slowly evolved from the demure neutral colors, to a more vibrant side. Still quipping the line of metallics, the fabrics were colorful and metallic or shimmery, taking us even deeper into that groovy mode. This collection was an evolution for the designers and proves their growth as fashion couturiers. We are already looking forward to their next show. in the mean time, nothing left to say but, congratulations!  

All Photos by Daniel Mendoza © for Estilo Magazine, Estilo Moda '17 ® 


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