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Hello sappers! Hope you all are doing great, sending you positive energy and good vibes! Thanks for stopping by!

Im taking a small detour on the Estilo Moda posts to share this cool "get together" with you all. We are not fully stepping away from the Estilo Moda conversation, as this event took place on that same week, so this only a hiatus, but a most significant one, that I've been meaning to share with you for quite a while. Thanks to Bistro Doce21 and Pedro Lezama, a few bloggers and me got to get together and share a cool afternoon at this amazing bistro learning about coffee culture and relaxing a bit before the shows.

Nicole Corrales, Pedro Lezama, Paola Mazariegos, Paola Andino

Pedro Lezama, a professional barista, gave us a full lesson on coffee culture and thought us a bit about roasting and filtering techniques, he gave us a very well curated version of all the basics and musts about coffee and what we should look for in a good cup of coffee. From tasting a espresso to the oxidation times and all that is required to get a good award winning coffee cup, he gave us all the do's and don'ts on coffee.

After that coffee tasting we got to sit back and enjoy some sangria and starters courtesy of Bistro Doce21, preparing for the night ahead. Delicious spring rolls, fully vegetarian, with a nice spicy sauce and some classic house wings with tree different sauces were served, along with the most exquisite sangria.

A huge thank you to Pedro Lezama and of course Bistro Doce21 and all the staff for hosting us and all of their kind attentions. We spent a great evening at the bistro, relaxing and enjoying all the goodness Bistro Doce 21 has to offer. 

Photos by Danilo Rosado for A simple Approach

Bistro Doce21
Col.Tepeyac ave gracias a Dios #1221
Tegucigalpa, Honduras 
Tel: +5042235-8182

Hrs:12:00n - 10:00pm


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