"Wildflower" Look X Distefano Shop | Look 1, Day 1 Fashion Week Honduras '17

"Roses are red, Violets are blue, #WeTheMisfits don't follow the rules"

For my first look for Fashion Week Honduras Day 1, I partnered up with Distefano Shop, and came with this androgynous look. Wearing pieces for both: Him & Her, I'll leave it up to you to figure it out. While I don't support "Crossdressers", nor do I have something against them, I often find garments for "girls" in stores that fit me better than the ones in the "men" section, for many reasons, including the fact that I am very skinny and it's rather hard as it is to find clothing that fits me well, yes the irony is unmeasurable, but still, this garments you can barely differentiate and if you don't look closely at the label you could hardly tell them apart.

Other than those facts I previously mention, the mix of feminine and masculine elements have always been present in fashion, and is today one the most outstanding trends in all the mayor runways all over he world. That and oversized items or elements, and those are things I quite love, and decided to embrace and speak up, 'cause why not right? 

Sweater, Shirt & Ripped Jeans: Distefano 
Handkerchief: Zara
Shoes: Pull & Bear

Photos: Jabdiel Valladares
Location: Centro Cultural Espańa, Tegucigalpa


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