Fashion Week Honduras Day 3 #BCFWH17

Every beginning must meet and end sooner or later, and on Friday, September 29th, Fashion Week Honduras '17 meet it's conclusion. This, the most awaited day of all days, brought the finishing climax to this 10th year anniversary edition of BCFWH. On this very day, the audience got captivated by the intricate and colourful designs of non other then international designer "Custo Barcelona". His collection however, I'll be posting in a separate post as it is quite long, the designer had around 77 pieces to showcase, so, be on the lookout for that post. In the mean time the is plenty to review from this the third and final day.

The "epilogue" day brought many interesting proposals from local designers like Mary Ann Kafati, Marie Bendeck and the now well known: Tirso Rubio, who opened up the show with his collection "El Color Del Silencio"
Rubio gave the audience a retro-vangard collection. Denim pieces, lace, pale tones, corsets, and classical details in tailoring brought Rubio's latest vision "El Color Del silencio" to life. The mixture of masculinity and femininity gave this collection a contemporary feel. The use a denim granted it it's masculinity and "roughness", yet details in tailoring, like the collars in certain pieces and the use of soft transparent fabrics and lace as well as corsets relinquished that femininity embodiment. 

Oversized garments, and long shirt-dresses were a big statement from the designer as well, and again the inclusion of pants and bomber jackets, produced a masculine and à la mode appeal. Rubio is not one to disappoint and this whimsical collection was no exception, adding up to the designers success. 

Marie Bendeck

Bendeck gave us a glimpse of summer, mixing classical, demure colors like black and white in printed fabrics and transparencies that elude that summer vibe as well as the femininity of it all.   The  jumpsuits and shirts shown, gave the collection a masculine touch, yet the designer "handles" this by applying certain details in her tailoring, like adding cropped version of the shirts, or fitted waist lines and stretchy details. Short, shorts and jumpsuits slowly evolved into a more "tropical" sex appeal, fading into pale blues and colourful yet modest fabrics. Skin was all over the place, showcasing the female body in just right amount and places, adding up to this tropical vide with a bathing suit and overalls like approach. Classic cuts that reference the 40's and 50's made the collection a must for this season and embark the designer in the path of triumph.

Giselle Matamala

Matamala gave the audience a full colourful display of garments. Lots of volume and ruffles and a variety of fabrics and prints walked down the runway. A collection for the confident women not afraid to make a statement. Diversity is best way to describe Matamala's collection, an alluring array of assorted fabrics and elements, that profess to the female empowerment.


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