Fashion Week Honduras Day 2 #BCFWH17

The first day of Fashion Week Honduras '17 started off with a bang!, and day two was only the continuation of the pyrotechnics. On Thursday September 28th, the shows kept going with great steadiness. The expectations were high and the reception welcoming.

This second day was a kaleidoscopical array of fashion, passing on from one designer to the other. There were to segments for this day, one in the afternoon and the main event in the evening. 

Let's take a look!

On this day we got to see designers like last years's new comers Ixcel Isidro and Gladys Gonzales, who proved to be developing new faces in the Honduran Fashion Industry. Both their collections showed a follow up line from last years collection, which took my by surprise, because not many designer do so in Honduras, so these "continuation" was a glad surprise. 

Both collections were vibrant, Gladys Gonzales (above) gave us a playful runway show, with smiling models walking down the runway, toying their hairs and blowing kisses the camera men and the audience. The clothes were just as playful, feminine and full of volume and peplum details that embrace and accentuate the female figure. Delicate fabrics the flow in the wind and make the pieces even more ethereal and girly. 

Isidro on the other hand, whom was not so far from this concept of volume and femininity with her garments, although the designer makes more of a "cultural" reference by utilising colourful details to her otherwise monochromatic designs. A bit more mature and keeping the line of continuity Isidro makes for a great up and coming designer.

Carlos Rene Cruz

Etherealness and volume were quite a trend on this day's runways, they say great minds think alike. Cruz's collection started of with certain delicacy and femininity, yet it evolved into something a bit more "rough" if you will. The designer made the inclusion of metallics on more fitted garments that showcased the curves of the female body. This "roughness" was balanced out by the use of deep asymmetric cuts and transparencies that "toned" down the "harshness" of the metallic fabrics.

Dominicana Moda 


Representing the Dominican Republic Arnaldo gave the audience a full caribbean attire display. Colourful and "relaxed" this collection took us straight to the island. Even though I don't yet know the  Dominican Republic I felt transported to it, you could feel and see the caribbean in the clothing. This "windy" pieces flew by the runway in a mosaic of stylish hues. What I can only describe as a "comfortable fit", the garments were fitted yet with a bit of volume and some peplum effect right were it need to be. Asymmetric cuts for a modern effect and the classic and distinguished "off shoulder" style for that islander feel. Flowery prints mixed with demure nudes and black and whites along with some military greens, only added to this tropical vibe and gave the collection a contemporary stroke.


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