Custo Barcelona | Fashion Week Honduras '17 #BCFWH17

Every year, during Fashion Week Honduras, there is a special guest, an international designer that usually closes up the entire event. Last Year we got to meet the unique: Agatha Ruiz De La Prada. The bubbly, colourful designer, who dashed us with her vibrant and graphic designs. This year we got another representative from Spain, as you may have guessed by now by the tittle of this post, I am talking of course, about the one and only: "Custo Barcelona"

His birth name: Custodio Dalmau Salmon, AKA "Custo Barcelona" as his now global brand goes by, originated in Barcelona, Spain, after a 2 year, self discovery trip around the world with his brother David. Originally from Lleida, Spain, his career of choice was actually architecture, it was only after this journey that the designer started his fashion line as a complete amateur, without any background in fashion or design, only to grow to be one of the most acclaimed designers worldwide.

I have probably used this word way to much for a few posts now but I'll use again as it fits this collection perfectly: "Kaleidoscopic" this is the perfect way to describe this collection and all of its designs. Each and every piece of clothing was a pice of art in this on accord. From beautiful and intricate embroidery work and the use of fringe and feathers, stunning asymmetric cuts and lots a "Indi", "Morocan" and "Asian" vibes. 

This polychromatic, psychedelic collection is like the greatest fashionable walk of garments you can possibly imagine yourself wearing through the Mediterranean, or any other fashion capitol around the world, but what I mean to say with this reference is that the collection itself is very influenced on mediterranean and asian elements, like the embroidery work, the colours, the choice of fabrics, the graphic prints, all of them conjuring this master work of design.

Despite all this less "contemporary" influences, "Custo" manages to modernise the garments by applying certain elements on it's designs, such as radical asymmetric cuts, transparencies, fitted pieces and short cuts that make it feminine and á la mode. Some of the pieces later on the collection were more "casual", sporty. Pants and loose jackets with baseball cap like hats, which were used quite fairly throughout the entire collection.

Around 78 pieces were shown during the show in an upbeat walk down, giving the viewers a real eye play. There was really far to much to see, and lots of details to appreciate, but in those few minutes it was a real display of elaborate designs.

Feminine, stylish and most of all, a real work of art, Custo shows to the audience what a global brand's designs look like. Different and fresh this collection was the perfect way to close this 10th anniversary edition of  Fashion Week Honduras, a colourful and artsy manifesto.


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