"Guanaja, El Alma En 55km" Art Expo

Hello sappers! Hope everyone is doing great, sending you all good vibes and positive energy as always. This past Wednesday, May 31st,  to close the month of may with a flourish, I attended the art exposition "Guanaja, El Alma En 55Km" by Nora Buchanan at "Bistro Doce21". A collective series of colorful abstract paintings inspired by the island that gave the collection it's tittle: "Guanaja"

The exposition, spread across the entire site @ Bistro Doce21, payed a symbolic tribute to the 55Km reference on the expo's tittle. The paintings which Started in green tonalities, slowly "transformed" into different tones, through which the artist payed her own tribute to this beautiful island. The paintings, filled with vibrant and electrifying colors, illuminated the sight of the beholder. 

I had a small talk with the artist, Nora Buchanan and this is what she has to say about the art: 

"ASAPP: Nora, tell us a bit about the art, what's your inspiration, technique, what kind of elements did you use and what brought you to make this collective?

Nora:"Guanaja, El Alma en 55km, are 40 pieces, the technique enamel over wood, 1.60 Mtrs x 40 Cm and 1.22 Mtrs x 40 Cm, inspired in this environment that envelopes Guanaja, this marvellous island from the Bay Islands, I was invited by the "Fundacion Para El Patrimonio De Islas De La Bahia", to develop a project by the name of "Pintemos Guanaja" I fell in love after traveling to this island and that's how I proceded  to perform this crazyness that is "Guanaja, EL Alma En 55Km"

After the inauguration, came a cocktail, provided by the host: Bisto Doce21, where we mingled amongst the art with a few friends and a nice cup of wine.

 Renata Espinal

Massay Crisanto & Milca Meza

Jeyson Garcia, MJ Escobar, Momo Sosa

For those interested the expo will be available at Bistro Doce21 for the upcoming 20 days, before its tour by several cities in Honduras including: La Ceiba and of course Guanaja and later on to other countries, including Argentina. Don't miss out!

Thanks to Bistro Doce21 for all their attentions and to Nora and everyone involved! and of course once again to the man behind the lens, thanks to Mr. Jabdiel Valladares.

And of course, Thank you for stopping by! Till next time!


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