LOTW : Summer Vibes

A fun and casual look to match your summer vibes. Get your shades on, grab your fedoras a pair of sneakers and be out the door. Graphic shirts with tropical prints are the it element this summer, go figure right?!, it's just like that phrase from "The Devil Wears Prada": "Florals... for spring, Groundbreaking... anyhow it's what it is and truth be told this stylish prints are a must, it's not really flashy yet very stylish and casual, if you, like me, prefer simple things and are not sure if the risk worth the taking, when choosing for the right print, pick something the goes with neutral tones, preferably something not to specific, like a fruit or some sort of animal, choose rather something abstract, like leafs or something of the kind, also go for things that are only outlines rather then full filled figure, it will make it easier one the eye, and you'll feels less awkward in it.

Caquis are the perfect match for almost everything and it will give your look a relaxed yet more business casual visual then other choices like say jeans. Finally the perfect companion, your favorite pair a white sneakers!

Keep it down with the accessories, when it comes to bracelets pick something thread like, simple and fine, shades are really all you need but a fedora never kill nobody 

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 Shirt: Pull & Bear
Caquis: Bershka
Sneakers: Sperry
Fedora: Zara
Shades: Forever 21


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