Oscar's 2017 Red Carpet

The Oscar's, the night were the biggest movie stars from all over the globe gather to soak in each others awesomeness (yes that was a Mean Girls reference right there) a night to celebrate film and entertainment in it's most grand and glamorous way. Not only does the Academy, award the most prestigious recognition to many actors and actresses for their portrayals but also to the creators and creatives and the people behind the greatest films of the year, but also, there is fashion, of course, in what I like to call one of the biggest runways shows of the year. This night we get to see stunning master pieces from mayor designers, and the most grand scale of Hollywood Glam.

This year wasn't the exception of course, as movie stars arrived so did all the biggest fashion household names hugging their figures along the Red Carpet. It was a very refreshing year for fashion on the Oscar's re carpet, looks where very demure and minimal overall, Simple yet stunning gowns in very flattering silhouettes, and asymmetric cuts that accentuated the right assets, the right way.
Color wise it was all very neutral s well Gold being a very big hit, as were black and white, like I said i was all very demure and elegant. Something that catch my eye was the remake or rather rethought old Hollywood Glam looks, a contemporary approach many designers and stylists help put together and made the biggest and my favorite trend for the night.

Emma Roberts in Armani Privé

One of my favorites for the night was a ever gorgeous Emma Roberts, the "Scream Queens" actress looked like a vision in this Armani Privé dress, a lovely contemporary "old Hollywood Glam" look. The plunging cleavage, the delicate fabric and the minimal hair and makeup and accessories, proved the rightfulness of Anna Wintour's words, "Less is more" and Emma Roberts clearly got the memo.

Nicole Kidman in Armani Privé                                                         Emma Stone in Givenchy 

Like I said before, "Gold" was another mayor stand out color trend at this year's Oscar's red carpet, and oh boy did this ladies pull it of. Here we see two of my favorites, the lovely Nicole Kidman in Armani Privé and Emma Stone in Givenchy, both gorgeous dresses with beautiful embroidery work, for gorgeous ladies that gave us beautiful performances in their respective nominated movies, Lion (Kidman) and La La Land (Stone) Note also a touch of the old Hollywood glam style, especially Stone in this 60's inspired fringe gown. But both of them sported very minimal classic makeup, the ever glorious red lip look and the wavy hair, also very little accessorising, and no need really with that beautiful embroidery work is more than enough.

Another Favorite was The stunning Jessica Biel, wearing a gorgeous sequin gown by Kaufman Franco, which is actually silver and gold, but mostly gold and also the top detail is not actually part of the dress itself, but rather a not very classic jewellery piece from tiffany's, a very wise choice from Mrs Biel's stylist no doubt.

Jessica Biel in Kaufman Franco

Someone who didn't quite hit all the right notes was 50 Shades of Grey Star, Dakota Johnson. This Yellow-ish golden Gucci gown was not my favorite for her, perhaps a little too mature of a look for her, in my opinion, this would have looked great on Cate Blanchett perhaps or Nicole Kidman even, but it wasn't only the dress of choice, but also the hair style was not a good choice either, I think maybe a braided relaxed bun with some messy hairs on the sides would have looked a lot better and she might have actually  pulled it off.

Dakota Johnson in Gucci
Black, was also a big trend, and Taraji P. Henson definitely gave of jaw dropping moment in this gorgeous Alberta Ferretta Dress. Although not actually black, the dress was velvet blue,  she looked amazing and she definitely owned this look, she was absolute perfection from head toe, yet another old Hollywood glam moment and most definitely one of my absolute favorites. 

Last year's winner, Brie Larson, looked simply dashing in this custom Oscar De La Renta gown, a masterpiece with asymmetric cuts a beautiful peplum details on the bottom, that gave this classic siren cut dress is contemporary look. Hair and makeup was also very minimal and the red lip look was the perfect choice. Easy, wavy hair slightly tied up, complemented her look entirely.

Brie Larson in Oscar De La Renta

Gradually the gowns wetn from more simple, fitted looks to more structured ones, one of those was Kirsten Dunst in Dior, an elegant an classic bob dress, ankle length on front on a slightly longer train,  with a Marilyn Monroe bustié. The Hair was also on my count Monroe inspired, with a modern edgy feel more fitted to the times and Dunst herself.

Kirsten Dunst in Dior

A True Fashion moment was given to us by the lovely Janelle Monaé. The singer turned actress who amazed with her unique voice and aesthetic is now surprising us with her acting skills, but not only that, we already knew she had a very unique aesthetic, but now we get to see her on a higher scale of fashion, and thats exactly what happened on Oscar night. In the gorgeous organza dress by Elie Saab, a masterpiece of embroidery work and transparencies that blew us away. That pixie cut was the perfect touch and that Caesar leaf crown was such a unique and unexpected touch that surprisingly did not overwhelm the look even though that neck piece is quite heavy.

Janelle Monaé in Elie Saab

Talk about a come back! Yes peeps the one and only, Halle Berry made a come back on the 89th edition of the Oscar's red carpet, and what a show it was! In a black and gold Versace dress with fringe detail on the bottom part, the actress looked simply dashing, and that mane curly hair was a perfect way to wear her hair! She looked amazing!

Halle Berry in Versace 

White was less trendy this year but still made quite the appearance. First, supermodel, Karlie Kloss in a stunning cape dress from Stella McCartney and diamond shocker, and the new mom Chrissy Teigen in a gorgeous embroidery cape dress too from Zuhair Murad. Both looked stunning in their own way, both very elegant and contemporary dresses, that definitely made them stand out in the crowd.

Karlie Kloss in Stella McCartney                                               Chrissy Teigen in Zuhair Murad 

Lady in Red!

The lovely Viola Davis, knows how to give lovely speeches, truly heart warming words, she can also play some amazing and transcending roles, and also, knows how to make and entrance! And so she did, in this beautiful Armani Privé dress, she definitely made more then a few heads turn and stare, how could you not, right? The Oscar winner actress stood out from a crowd of gorgeous looking actresses in the most dashing way. Don't we all love a lady in red, Simply Gorgeous!

Viola Davis in Armani Privé

The Fairy Tale Princesses...

Some actresses went completely out of way and unexpectedly managed to make a trend out of it, a less appealing one to my opinion but still sort of nice. The major problem i have with this, is that it look a bit outdated, I felt as I was looking at a red carpet in 2006 or somewhere around that time frame. Though they are beautiful dresses, they are somewhat boring and not very flattering at all, both Scarlett Johansson in Alaia and specially Charlize Theron in Dior could do much better.

Scarlett Johansson in Alaia                                                      Charlize Theron in Dior

Felicity Jones in Dior

Also a bit disappointing was the lovely Felicity Jones, in a shorter version of the "v" shape dress with that tulle ankle length bottom, it just look so out dated and not quite the right retro we are looking for,. The color of the dress did not help much either, a dull golden tone that was plain boring and blended to much with her skin tone.

Make some room for the fellas. There isn't really much to talk about but a guy in suit always looks good right? Black was obviously the color of choice, some brighter and with satin appliqués and some with a matte finish of sorts with the exception of Dev Patel In a less common, but also classic white and black ensemble. Bow ties were in place and all the best tuxedos were out marching down the red carpet. 

Justin Timberlake in Tom Ford                  Andrew Garfield in Tom Ford                 John Legend in Gucci

Casey Affleck in Louis Vuitton 

The Dashing Ryan Gosling Opted for a more classic look in this tuxedo from Gucci, which definitely made him stand out from all the other actors. (Like he needs to do anything else then be right? ha ha)

Ryan Gosling in Gucci

Glen Powell in Armani Dev Patel in Burberry 


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