Credomatic Estilo Moda 2016 Day 2

Day 2 was a rollercoaster, a fashion rollercoaster. and  I mean that in a good way, the best possible way as a matter of fact, the thrilling and exiting part of a rollercoaster moment kind of way. Ok I'm done with analogies, moving on, CEM16 - Day 2 brought in a lot of energy and of course a lot of fashion. It was a quite a lot to take in, the designers who showcased their collections on Day 2 brought a lot to the table, the collections were were spectacular to say the least. Let's get to it Shall we!

The opener for Day 2 was none other then the amazingly talented Yoyo Barrientos

Welcome to the Jungle...

The concrete jungle, Barrientos took us on a cosmopolitan safari. "Safari Cosmopolitan" as he titled his latest collection, was an intricate work of simplicity and modern adaptations. Satins and organzas were the predominant fabrics on the designer's collection, as were transparencies and several cargo- baggy elements. Barrientos took the bet to add the asymmetry element to his pieces, with elegant mid length capes with side cuts and beautiful "V"cuts amongst other asymmetric statements. Color wise, the collection evolved brilliantly and effortlessly from the classic white to terracotta colors that gave the collection it's safari attribution, but not only color played a part on the safari element, like I mentioned before, and as you can see in several pieces, "cargo" like pockets were added, that gave the garments a unique style and freshness. The styling also took a big part for this safari display, big hats, small messenger - thin strapped bags, and jewellery that brought the outfits to life. 

Further on the collection took a walk on the darker side of the color palate. Baby blues matched with whites and thin see through fabrics. The collection then evolved to reds and finally the classic black. Prints made a small appearance, but lining color popping elements were present in several pieces, some very structural and some very simple. The simple ones would simply "frame" borders of a pocket or the lining of a shirt's neck but others were more structured and peplum like, some cross-body to line-frame a jacket or dress and others like a classic peplum appliqué for a skirt or gown.

An extended collection with over 30 looks and each and everyone of then an exquisite piece. Barrientos comes back to the runways and proves why he is one of best in the business. With his collection, Barrientos Appeals to the modern, risk taker fashionista that wants to transcend and be seen, capture the looks of the passerby's.

From the jungle to the 60's...

After the brillint collection from Yoyo Barrientos, we were taken back in time to the 60's, this time, it was Carmen Danzilo's turn to daze.

A retro 60's - 80's inspired collection, that was impacable from start to finish. Simple little chic dresses, high collars and knee length skirts. mostly classic neutral colors with some girly pastel and pink displays. A collection for a fancier fashionista, simplicity lover with the need to make a statement in classy - chic way, daring in it's on way.

Sober to Bright...

After so much soberness a splash of color was the perfect element to have, and for that we have to thank the designers from "Enrollarte". Beautiful  and colorful pieces that scream summer. This distinctive breeze pieces made quite the impact on the runway, beautiful, bright and colorful see through gowns and silky dresses, Strapless and deep revealing cuts, some gowns had embroidered artwork on the top part. Elegance and comfort would be my way to describe this collection. A must for the upcoming summer season without a doubt.

Mary Ann Kafati

Kafati's proposal was cool an collected, lose garments with what I can only describe as a caribbean touch, even in her presentation the room literally came alive with booming caribbean music, havana style. The pieces them selves had a retro element to them, but managed to be very modern and likeable for the present day fashionista. Contemporary elements were in place, like the use of denim and other asymmetric elements. The cuts and the fit appeal to both a younger and a more experienced fashionista, youthful yet demure and collected. The use of fringe was in place, several garments had small pompom like attachments that gave each of them a unique touch and aesthetic.

A collection for the contemporary fashionistas with an appreciation for retro and cultural elements, very grown up for such a young designer.

Raul Osorio

The former Project Runway contestant showcased his latest collection on the second day of the first edition of CEM. A modern and contemporary display of garments I describe as "Modern Dystopia". You know when I think of the future and what it would be like after all the disaster like the many fiction books I like in which dystopian societies are born, this is what I feel like we would be wearing, all though that future is not so far ahead at least not fashion wise anyways as this particular style has circled the runways all over the world and Osorio brings us his own statement. Loose pieces and patchwork are a very much present element on the collection, every piece is or has a denim element to it and we love it!

Denim is the go to fabric for many designers in their latest collections and Osorio is no stranger to trends, as he incorporates them to his collection and gives them his unique approach and aesthetic.

The garments are loose and and seem comfortable and and light, even though denim is a heavy fabric this seems like a very breathable fabric, that provides coverage, yet allows you to stay cool in the summer daze. A collection for the edgy and daring fashionista willing to take risks and be a trendsetter in the process.

Carlos Campos

The modern explorer/worker fashionista... Campos brings his New Yorker uprising to the runway, his clean and simple aesthetic is never one to disappoint and very appealing to many. "Clean" loose pieces with a contemporary touch for the overcome of biggest metropolis by the adventurous and  trendy fashionista. The collection has a caribbean infused element to it, a modern take to the cuban "Guayabera" a piece that is also very popular in Honduras. The collection is Campo's take on the worker man, the jumpsuits that resemble workers uniforms with a high end, elegant, present day feel.  The colors in the collection go from a military-tobacco leaf green, mixed with creamy whites, to striped garments in navy blues and symmetrical prints. Bomber jackets make an appearance on the collection as do some statement coats  and vest with long thin straps that give the piece their uniqueness. 

Campo's clean, simple and minimal aesthetic makes him one of the most sought after designers, his contemporary trendy and minimalistic approach on fashion make his garments easy to wear, trendy and timeless.

And so, this was the end, a magnificent even in every sense of the word, but as people say, all good things most come to an end, but this is only the first edition of many to come over the years, I'm certain of that, and as many people also say endings are nothings but new beginnings, and this event will be the platform for new beginnings, I can see many great things coming and the Fashion industry growing and expanding in Honduras and Latin America.

Designers and Revista Estilo Editor in chief Blanca Bendeck

Once again I want to congratulate and thank the people from "Revista Estilo" specially to Mrs. Blanca Bendeck and The "Crea Moda" Production team for all the had work in the creation and development of this splendid event and for having the honor of their invitation to it. 

 Revista Estilo Edito in chief Blanca Bendeck

Here are a few Photos from the event

Photographer Jose Vargas, Blogger Javier Segovia Bendeck, Blogger Angela Andonie

 Blogger & Model Ivonne Mayorga, Blogger Maria Jose Martinez Paz, Blogger Mari Bardaji

Designer Miguel Chong

 Designer for "Enrollarte"

Designer Carlos Campos

My Outfit for Day 2
Ripped Jeans & Denim Jacket: Pull & Bear
'T & Fedora: Zara
Shoes: Nike

It's lke this that I now say Good Bye for a while, Thanks for all your support everyone! 'Til next time


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