Credomatic Estilo Moda 2016 Day 1

Hello Sappers! This past few days have been quite eventful. I had the pleasure to be invited by "Estilo" Magazine and the production team "CreaModa" to the first edition of "Estilo Moda", a fabulous event that promises to be the pinnacle of fashion and style for many years to come, not to mention a magnificent platform for top designers and many others in the fashion industry, that little by little is building up and setting golden standards in Honduras.

The first edition of Estilo Moda was held at the Honduras Maya Hotel Convention Center, the event was amazing from start to finish, a congratulations is due to the production team and all the people involved in the making of this spectacular event, that I must say surpassed all my expectations and proved to many, me included, the talent and capacity from the people involved and desire to make a stand point for the development of the fashion industry in Honduras in the most grand way. 
Conferences were held prior to the main event, and cocktails were offered before and after the runway shows to provide a different kind of entertainment to the assistants, and of course to mingle around and exchange conversations. Stands from sponsors were also available for the assistants to get  some goodies.

The stage itself was brilliant, literally! it was a "U" shape, black runway, in contrast with a mirrored backdrop wall and centre pieces that decorated the space in the middle of the runway. The stage was set, and the designers and models made the most of it. The black background and lightning made the perfect contrast and gave the showcased pieces the perfect standout.

The Runways...

The opening was in charge of Gabriela Zelaya with her brand "Morena Perpetua" as usual, Zelaya brought her unique sense of fashion to the runway, dashing it with satined fabrics, transparencies and specific combination of colder colors. Asymmetric cuts and patching was the main component of her collection. She also showcased a leather handbag that was strapped to the models that I thought to be quite unique as at first I thought it was an oversized knuckle of a belt but upon a closer look I figured out it is actually handbag, which was a cool element to add to the collection. Simple but never plain, a very intricate collection for a relaxed yet confident and modern woman.

After "Morena Perpetua" came a splash of color from "Kolori". Beautiful hand painted pieces that were colorful yet very sober. The Contrast of bright hand painted prints with the white background satin or organza fabrics, made the collection a sober and classy splash of color. I could easily see this beautiful "flowy" pieces taking a stroll a alongside the waves at the beach, or at fancy cocktail party, making a stand out amongst others.

Roberto Ramirez took us on a stroll to the Parisian world, a collection with a certain degree of complexity that says high fashion. while the looks are more mature, they remain very modern, with a classy retro vibe you can't help but love and relate to. The Pieces were brilliantly executed and were meant to embrace a woman's curves. Organzas and satins were once again a must for the designer, some pieces were beautiful high waisted pants with a wide fabric belt with transparent tops that had a deep "V"plunge on the back, some were paired with a modern "Balliesque" Semicape overcoat. Black was the predominant base color, but green was very present within the collection as were some other pastel tones. An exquisite couture-ish collection for a more experienced, risk taker fashionista.

"Mirage" by Jerry Carcamo. 

Oh boy was this a "Mirage"alright. Picture yourself in the dunes of Abu Dhabi or simply lounging poolside somewhere hot. Carcamo took us to a modern land were, color and light fabrics mix in a perfect blend of sober awesomeness. Carcamos SS17 proposal consists of colorful and skin revealing pieces for a summer season, interestingly enough the color palate was quite cold, lots of blues and whites and blacks and purples, with just a few warm pop up tones like reds and orange, which made the collection prfect for the city wanderer as well. Very modern and unique, Carcamo plays with oversized items, asymmetry and cape elements, all a mix that screams modern and daring, confident. A collection for modern daring fashionista willing to take risk and get a lot of second glances.

The closure of day 1 was in charge of none other then the one and only Miguel Chong. Already renown for his amazing work, Chong is not one to dissapoint. This time he took us on quite a ride, from beachy, navy stripped ensembles to modern denim outtakes on the classic shapes like peplum, to his more classic structured colorful gowns. The were confection was perfect of course and you couldn't expect less from such amazing designer. The collection had a wide range and variety that appeal to all kind of fashionistas, a perfect way to shut down the house with a standing ovation. 

So this was day 1, one amazing display after the other, a night full of fashion and style. I'll leave some more photos from the event below. Stay tuned for Day 2 post

All Photos by Jabdiel Valladares "Jabper" for A Simple Approach by Alejandro Zelaya

you can take a look at his work in the following link

All Photos from the runway shows are available on the Facebook page

My look for Day 1 
Trousers & Belt: Zara
'T: MNG Men
Blazer: Galtruco Store
Accesories: Kathya Aguilera

 Bloggers Paola Andino & Paola Mazariegos

Designer Yoyo Barrientos

Model & TV Host Melissa Valeriano

Minutes after the runway show. Model along with Designer Miguel Chong

Model, Blogger & Make Up Artist Nicole Corrales & Designer Jerry Carcamo

Official Estilo Moda Campaign Model Astrid Pinel

TV Hosts Melissa Valeriano & Loren Mercadal

Blogger Maria Jose Martinez & Model and Blogger Ivonne Mayorga


Stay tuned for Day 2 post. Trust me, you don't want to miss it!


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