Agatha Ruiz De La Prada in Honduras x CFWH16

Hello Sappers! Hope everyone is doing fine and having the best time.

As some of you may know, last year I was selected to be one of the official photographers for Fashion Week Honduras, and this year I went back. I had a lovely time and got to met a few cool people. Amongst them: Jose Forteza, Senior Editor for Vogue Mexico & Latin America, a few special guests designers from Nicaragua and Dominican Republic and of course The Colorful, the one and only, Mrs. Agatha Ruiz De La Prada.

First of all it was such a pleasure be have met her and exchange a few words and takings pictures for her, she's such a sweet, nice lady and it was an honor to work with her and the FWH team. You can see all the photos with this cool individuals on my IG feed (you can find links all over this site, if you are on a Desktop PC, if not quick reminder my username is: @zeoalexz)

 Agatha Ruiz De La Prada, Yours truly

Yours Truly, Jose Forteza ( Vogue Mexicon & Latam's Senior Editor)

So this year I will be summarising the event in this single post and I'll only be speaking about Mrs. De La Prada's collection, but don't panic, you can see all the photos from the event and all it's runways and backstage momens on my facebook page (again links are on this very site. for mobile users page's address is the following:

Let's get to it then! I am not a very colorful person, I use neural colors and usually stay on the colder side of the color paled, but I believe a pop of color is almost always a key point to add to an outfit, that being said if you dont know who Agatha Ruiz De La Prada is and don't like color very much, be warned theres a lot of color coming your way.

 Entrepreneur, Blogger and Public Figure Rosyl Mejia 

Model and TV Personality Fany Sanchez

So the Spanish designer was the main event and closing act for CFWH16, and she shut it down with a colorful bang!

The collection itself actually proved to be very wearable and modern and course youthful. Of course some pieces might be too much for a more conservative person or better yet someone not as spontaneous, but several pieces separated and styled with other, more approachable pieces could very well work for that bubbly girl in you.

 Socrates McKnney (Dominicana Moda Rep.), Ambassador for Spain in Honduras, Agatha Ruiz De la Prada, Alejandro Medrano (FWH Director), Monserrath Britto (Model)



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