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Setting up a more elaborate outfit during the summer, might be a bit challenging, with the higth temperatues and all, you might not want to put on a blazzer or anything more then a 'T fo that matter, but the trick lies in the fabrics you wear really. 

For me personally it is always, I don't want to say struggle, but it is a challenge to to wear something less then casual, specially during those extra hot days, I'm more of a cardigan kinda guy, because I do like to cover up my arms, at least up to the elbow, but from time to time it expected of you to dress up in more then a simple 'T and a cardigan.

When it comes to choosing an outfit for a special event, or just to dress up a little more then usual for a change, the key lies on the fabrics of your clothing. I always place extra emphasis on this, as it is crucial for me. Cotton is a great fabric and pretty much the one by default, super breathable, light and easy to wear, but linen is also quite popular and amply mentioned and renown as a "summer" fabric, as is is very light and much easier to wear.

Stay away from synthetics and polyester, cotton and linen are only some of your best choices, there's a wide range to choose from, you just have to do a little fine print reading of your clothes labels. 

I might sound a little bit like and old person now but sunblock is quite an essential. cover up is fairly important, specially if you are going to be exposed to the sun, and trust me you will, so put a bit of sunblock lotion on you it won't hurt, all the contrary. Sunnies play a very important part as far as coverage. They aren't only a great looking and stylish accessory, they also offer protection against those UV Rays and dust and what not. Always good to a pair on you.

Sunnies: Pull & Bear
Shirt: Mango Man
Skinny Jeans: Pull & Bear
Blazzer: Galtruco Store
Shoes: Call It Spring

Location: La Galeria Mall, Tegucigalpa


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