Winter is Coming...

Relax Game Of Thrones fans, this is not a GOT related post, sorry! :P

While everyone gets ready for summer around the globe, I on the other side get ready for the opposite: Winter. You see, where I live, we only really have two seasons, and those are Summer of course, and Winter. Although it really feels like a prolonged summer throughout the year, varying only in the level of humidity in the air. While summer technically lasts from mid - late March, 'till late May - mid June, when winter kicks off with the rainy season, so, it is now time to take out the impermeable coats and the rain boots until the cooler air from the north strikes our shores.

So that is what this post is about: Rain Season Style. There are not mayor changes to be made on your outfits or wardrobes, rather then some minor and cool alterations to adapt to this new humid and wet weather.

First and foremost we have: "The Jacket", yes, a definite essential during this rainy season is a good range of jackets, the obvious selections here are: impermeable fabrics and of course leather or faux leather garments. They will provide a greater coverage the any other fabric that will not do much, other than put more weight on you while you still get soaked wet. 
Now it's not like we are going dancing under the rain or anything, but if you happen to have walk under a sudden shower or get out of your car or such, then those kind of fabrics will provide more resistance to the pouring water. 

Nylon and some synthetic fabrics are also a good choice here, as they don't absorb as much as cotton or linen or other breathable fabrics like such, and in case you stand for longer then expected under the pouring rain, then they also provide a quick drying time and water slips on then, rather then absorb it, which makes garments of said materials perfect for the season.

Second, we have "The Shoes". Now rain boots are not exactly very fashionable, and I personally am no a fan, just for the fact that I don't like my feet looking any larger then they already are, and boots aren't really the smallest of shoes, but hey! there are some cool boots now a days (like the orange ones pictured above, which I really like) and I'm sure we can make something work.

But if you are not so much into the idea, there's always cool and more fashionable ankle boots and of course the never failing oxfords or brogues.

Now, there's no need to rush here, unless rain stars to pour down on you, then you should  really start running looking for cover in which case you'd like to have a good pair of kicks on your feet. New Balance's are always a good idea, and of course a pair of Nike's or even some Yeeze's if you will. They will provide a sharp more casual visual and of course comfort and a good head start in case you do need to sprint off.

Third and last, we have "The Accessories". Accessories are always a good detail and complement to an outfit, but in this case it really is all about utility. Umbrellas are the obvious item here, they are truly essential. You can take a small handle one with you and put it away with the rest of your stuff in your bag or you can grab one with a longer handle and have a Mary Poppins moment... just kidding, you can have one with longer and even curved handles and have it serve you as a cool cane and look more refined and gentlemen like, a simple detail will make all the difference.

So, There you have it, or should I say, there you have "them", three simple things to add to your wardrobe during this season, to complement, provide coverage and protection and keep you stylish and looking sharp on the streets.

'Till next time Sappers!


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