Roatán To do List 2.0 The Budget Edition Pt 2

Hello Sappers! Sorry for the delay on the publication of this post, but last week I fell sick with a sinus and through infection and the fever took a toll on me and left me bedridden for the full weekend. This post was supposed to come a week after the other (last Sunday) but the circumstances decided other wise, but here it is now, hope you enjoy it! So without further a do, here it is Part 2 (and final) of the 2.0 version of the "Roatán To Do List" series.

This post will be dedicated to two of the most popular sites on the island, very similar in name and very close geographically, both holders of their own fairness and spots that make each one a hotspot for tourists and natives alike. I'm talking about "West Bay"and "West End"

West Bay beach (pictured above) is probably the most visited and most popular site on the island, and no wonder why, (I mean, just look at it) the white sand beach, the pristine salt water pool we call ocean and the activeness of the island life that surrounds this beautiful bay. There is almost no waves ever (unless it rains, either on the costal area or on that side of the island), it's almost as if it were a natural salted water pool, only with some amazing coral reefs inside it, little thing. Speaking of coral, a little fun fact, the coral reef that surrounds Roatán and the bay islands in general, is the second largest coral reef barrier in the world after the great reef barrier in Australia. The good thing about this reefs it that here in West Bay, you don't even have to get into a boat or be a professional scuba diver to be up close and personal with some of the most amazing and exotic fish and coral species, yes you read that correctly, just a short swim away, you'll be able to be between walls of coral reef, surrounded by several species of sea animals. 

But enough talking, here, take a look for your self. This is what it looks like from above:

This photos were taking from a deck located within the "Grand Roatán Resort", which is located at the very far east end of West Bay Beach, somewhere you should most definitely go and pay a visit, this photos don't do the view justice, plus you'll just simply want to go up there and embrace that view.  To get there you most go behind the resorts beach bar, behind the pool, and take a sandy path that takes you resort's rooms, just follow the sandy way. You'll reach a point where you feel like you hit the end of the road or that you got lost, but looks out for the wooden rails up ahead and you'll know where to go from there. Once You are there This will be your reward:

As you can see from the last photo, kayaking is one of the things you can do here, that and paddle boarding through the sunset, but if after this photos you don't want to get into those warn and delicious waters and take a look for yourself, I'm sorry my dear reader but you might be losing a screw up there, because you must, definitely get in there and do some Snorkelling, which is one of the other things you can do here, and should do while you are here. The equipment, in case you don't have some of your own, is nothing to worry. you can get a snorkel and some fins pretty much on every resort, almost every single hotel has a dive shop, and they do rent the equipment (most of them hourly) but if you are a bit lazy, locals have you covered, as they rent snorkels too, right up front on the beach, so there's no excuse for you not to try it. A friendly Tip: please don't use fins while snorkelling, they will only get in your way, and most importantly in the coral's way. In some parts, the coral is very close to the surface and you might hit some of the structures on your way, so please be extra careful, as this structures are very fragile and the slightest of touches will kill them. Im a very Slender guy and I almost scratched my tommy on several occasions, so please be extra careful and precautions, this is not about being bold or adventurous, this is bigger than yourself or you accomplishments so please take all precautions needed.

Another piece of advice for you, is not to by hand crafts or souvenirs made from natural elements, like, coral or "Black Coral" they might say to you, (which is dead coral that is actually white), Carey Turtle Shell, Sea Snails shells or any other thing of the sort, as they are all illegal to sell and they will take away from you at the airport or ferry station. You have been warned. Also don't pick pieces of dead coral from the beach to take home as a souvenir, you think there's no harm in doing so, but there actually is, those pieces of dead coral are still part of the ecosystem and still pose a function amongst it.

Other than that, please feel free to enjoy the magnificent views and the warmness of the water, and yes, take as many pictures as you please. Another Tip, don't wear any shiny things inside the water as they attract certain fish and they might bite you or come at you and frighten you, thinking it is food. 

Amongst some other things you can do while in West Bay, there is Parasailing which is a lot of fun, they strap you into a parachute and pull you from a boat and you get quite the adrenaline rush whilst up in the air. Also there's this "Glass Bottom Boat" that will take you a little bit further into the reef's wall and you'll be able to the the marine life closely. This boat is perfect for kids and more elder folks, as well those souls who are up for the adventure of the snorkelling experience. 

One other thing you an do is enjoy some local food, which is something I recommend you do. lets do this from right to left. For sea food go to: "Las Rocas", for some delicious sea food pastas. "Beachers" has an amazing garlic grilled fish fillet with plantain chips that you should simply try. At "Fosters" you have the Lobster tail special, that is something you can't miss.

If are in the mood for a good steak or an amazing burger go to the "Argentinian Grill", you wont regret it. Then we go to "The Beach Club San Simon" right next to the "Mayan Princess Resort" they probably have the best kitchen on this side of the island, here you can enjoy a wide variety of dishes from international style cuisine. 

Up ahead you have "Bananarama" my personal favourite, probably the best bar in the area. lots of special and different activities throughout the week. Try the "Monkey La La's" here which a traditional island cocktail. Also for food definitely have a Pizza here at "Pizzarama" and also the coconut shrimp, they are exquisite. Up next is the "Paradise Resorts" complex, here you have a steak house, a pizzeria, "Il Pomodoro", definitely a must, and traditional restaurant that serves a variety of dishes. For some appetisers and a delicious burger and one of the best Mokey Lala's on the island go to "Infinity Bay Resort".

"West End"

You can get to West End both, by water, on a water taxi that takes only 5 mins, which you can take on the dock in front of the Infinity Bay Resort in West Bay, and of course by car. If you do go by car then stop by "The Lighthouse" or "El Faro" it's a restaurant, the food is amazing one of the best on the island and while you wait for your food you can go upstairs to the top of the lighthouse and enjoy the 360 view. PS: you can ask for a pair of binoculars to make things more interesting whilst up there, it's only $1 or complementary if you decide to eat there. 

West End is well know for it's nightlife, but theres plenty to side on this side as well, lots of places to go and have a bit a some more to go have a drink or two. bar hopping is the thing to do here. "Half Moon Bay" is the name of the public beach on its surroundings there are several places you must pay a visit to, like The Argentinian Grill, yes there is another one here too. There is another place also by the name of  "The Lighthouse" its kind of "hidden" behind the church, not to be confused with the "Mango Inn" which also serves exquisite food. Try the Oven Fillet in the latest, its to die for. Here you can snorkel too and i you do dive, a dive shop is last thing you'll have to look for, as there are several.

When the sun goes down and all those cocktail or beer have you feeling a little friskier, then do some bar hopping. My Favourite is the "Blue Marlin"but be advised they close earlier then the other bars, around 11. after that honestly just do some bar hopping through all the little bars and see which you like best, its quite fun to go from one bar to another.

In the mean time, while there is still day light out, go to "The Roatán Chocolate Factory", relatively new, this place will put all your cravings at ease, and their staff will educate you on cacao and its precedence while other staff member prepares a delicious drink for you.

Pictured above, what you see is a greek yogurt, chocolate muffing, it was to die for. There was plenty to choose from, I also tried the peanut butter brownie, and that was amazing as well. They can prepare any kind of coffee you like and any other tea infusion  or drink you like. They also sell chocolate bars of several kinds.

Back at West Bay For the pair of the day... The Sunset...

Watching the sun set is one of my favourite things, and at West Bay will you will see some of the best sunset you'll ever see in your life, each is different everyday, and everyday it's amazing. One more beautiful after the other.

That's it folks! Hope you all enjoyed this little get away and hope some of you pays a visit to this beautiful island. Once again thank you all for stopping by!

'Till next time!


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