Roatán To Do List 2.0 The Budget Edition Pt 1

Hello Sappers! Hope everyone is having a magnificent month so far, sending good vibes and positive energy your way.

I was recently on a gateway trip on the beautiful island of Roatán, (Bay Islands, Honduras) a "small" yet enchanting and unique island just a few miles offshore from the Honduran main land. As you can tell by the tittle on this post, this is an updated version (so to speak) of a previous post by a similar tittle, which you can find, scrolling down the blog on the most seen articles on the side bar. Do to that post I wont get into to much detail about the island. This time I when to some places I haven't been to to yet and to some other "hotspots" or must see/go, very popular places that you just cant help on paying a visit whilst on the island. 

I tittled this post "The Budget Edition"cause I did a fair amount of things that do not require much spending, but still get to see and specially know the island. the one thing you will need though is transportation budget, 'cause getting around the island isn't exactly the cheapest of things, so you will have to watch out for that, but other than that you're good to go!
Let's start with the far easter end of the island, where, amongst many other attractions and sites you'll find this beautiful and confined places. 

First off is the secluded and pristine "Paya Bay" Resort. For those of you looking for a more private experience, in a less crowded beach, then this is the place for you, a secluded resort 6km off the main road on a non pavemented street, but trust me, the drive will be worth your while. Although this may not be for everyone, it is a truly beautiful place in every sense of the way, people come her to do yoga and meditation and truly be in touch with the elements, which you can feel and perceive the vibe as soon as you walk in (No BS). The peace and serenity can be felt on every breath you take.
Here you'll have to pay for your entrance $5 per person. Or simply buy something while you are in there in which case you won't have to pay the $5 fee. Here you'll have the option to connect with nature on every level, I'm telling you this, 'cause this a nudist beach, so if you are up for the full experience and embrace of the elements then by all means feel free to do so.

Your second option is not so far from "Paya Bay"its actually just around the corner, in fact this public beach will be the first thing you see when you get to the resort. Now for this you wont have to pay a dime but be advised that this beach is more exposed, with this I mean that the waves her are a little bit more relentless then on the other side where it is protected by the bay itself, here the half moon shape allows the waives that come in to impact the shore with all of their might, it's not a big deal but this is an option for someone willing to make a little more physical effort. With this in mind is now that I bring you your third option, which is something for the more adventurous and sporty of you out there, I'm talking about kite surfing, yes you can do it here, the wind nature of this place allows you to have a nice time sailing away on top of your board and have the best of times. 

For the kitesurfing you'll have to go to the front desk at the resort where they get in contact with folks that actually provide the service, there you can ask the receptionist for some info on the activity and they have some pamphlets there with contact info in case you decide to try it another day.

Up Next, just a few miles on the same road you got to get to Paya Bay, is the public municipal beach,  "Camp Bay"a beautiful spot, with beautiful turquoise waters. Here you can take a dip on these gorgeous waters and perhaps have a picnic, sit back under a palm tree and take a break and relax under it's shade. There is not much to do here specially during low season, but if what you seek, again, is tranquility and solitude, then this is the place for you most definitely. 

Be advised, the waters are quite deep here so you better be good with your butterfly stroke, also it's quite windy cause is a more open shape, its a big open shore line where the breeze will keep you quite cool.

So after this you'll be quite hungry, and if you didn't pack something for lunch or had something on the resort, then here's another option.

This place is a few miles off the main road, it's called Herby's it's a sport bar that americans, sport fans and natives alike go to freshen up and have some delicious food. It's located inside the famous Pineapple Villas, very near the french keys, the place is quite famous and you'll see it on the right side of the road as you drive by.

I personally had a burger, sorry but don't remember it's name, but it's the second option on the menu under the burgers section of it, I wanted some fish or something from the sea but their selection is quite limited and in all american style, the only 3 options were something fried so I decided to go for the classic burger instead and it was quite good.

Well after that lunch you'll have plenty of energy for whats to come...

Back on the eastern side of the island, but not quite as far as Paya or Camp Bay are the mangroves, you can get to them from many places actually, but here, on this spot, you'll be able to swim through the mangroves and do some snorkelling and watch some of the fauna with your own eyes, rather then only riding a canoe through them like I did the last time I was on the island, which is also a very good option and you should do that as well I you have the chance, but in this particular place you can go in your car or rental car and get your own stuff, and also there's a small bar there, were you can get some refreshments.

And so it ends, this was day one, Pt 1, of this to do list. Our overall budget for the day less then $25.

Water(3)> $3.25
Lunch> $8
Refreshments> $6 

Well folks I don't want to overwhelm you with too many photos and this post is already too long, sorry about that, so, for now thats all you get, but the rest is coming up, so stay tuned, and thanks for stoping by. 

See ya soon!


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