Hello sappers! it's been a while, sorry for the long hiatus, but you guys know how it is. Stopped by today to give you a little update / heads up, I haven't been posting my classic #MusicMonday 's post which I'll be doing soon, 'çause I'm quite behind on it, but since music is such a big part of my life and I'm pretty sure yours too, I thought, in the mean time, to keep you guys on the loop in a different way. 

I just joined Spotify even thought I said I never would, but never say never I guess. Anyway, after a major fail with Soundcloud, I decided to give Spotify a try, and even though I still don't like it very much (I'm an iPod kinda guy after all) but to share with you all what goes through my ears on the daily. There's this new feature on the blog. Now you'll find on the right sidebar, the Spotify gadget, which will let you listen to my current tunes right on the blog.

Hope you all like this cool new feature and also hope you like the tunes. Enjoy! and happy weekend everyone!


PS. you can click on this link and it will take you directly to Spotify.



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