Versace Menswear FW'16 (MFW)

Winter wonderland.

Nothing to do with alice in wonderland, but Versace ones again proves to be best at what they do, this collection is not only sleek and stylish, it is the perfect modern statement for the, up to date fashionista.

A display of color. Color was certainly not a lacking element in the Versace FW'16 collection, it started in whites, silvers and dimmed emerald greens, and it slowly and effortlessly evolved into a wonderland of colors, from blues, navys, browns, magentas, black and silvered fabrics, the collection a demure colorful one. 

If there's something why ther Versace house is well known, its the sleekness and simplicity of their confection, and this collection was of course no exception, simplicity ruled the runway, letting color and details be the defying factors. Classic coats with big lapels for a retro vibe and fur and silvery fabrics for modern and futuristic approach, please note that some of the garments spotted a "Startrek" like symbol, so perhaps Donatella is a fan, and it would be amazing to see this collection one of the films.

The collection had some retro elements but most of all it was a modern and futuristic one in a sort of way, the attention to detail as always was exquisite as well as the tailoring and confection.

Oversize was not a big element on this collection, as was layering, layering and color were the two mayor actors in this collection. Bags and accessories were also part of the collection, mid sized bowling bags and backpacks to keep it young and fresh as well as cool metallic details and beanies of course. Scarves were surprisingly missing from Versace, they took a less casual approach and proved the point of "less is more".


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