Valentino Menswear AW'16 (PFW)

80's Tribal

The 80's and 70's were a very frequent source of inspiration for this season and Valentin showcased this decade in the most grand way. The collection was a series of masterpieces, from long, more classic coats with a very retro British business man approach to a more indie, tribal - bohemian look.

The collection slowly morphed from a very sophisticated business man look, to a more demure and by far relaxed, youthful set of indie-tribal garments. Tribal knitted jackets and ponchos marched down the runway, paired with a classic set of over worn jeans, that made you feel back in the 80's, then came the denim, denim jackets with totes and messengers could only take you back in time, al perfectly tailored even through the oversizement.

The butterfly collection is what I like to call this AW'16 menswear collection from valentino, that because it kept evolving and morphing as more looks came down the runway, the collection was quite voluminous and it showcased a wide range, a some point after the indie looks it started to get quite grungy and goth-ish looking. 

 A very chic collection over all, like only Valentino can, not so modern, but rather a tribute to certain decades and cultures, which makes this a statement collection that will go on to be remembered in time.


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