Maison Martin Margiela AW'16 Menswear (PFW)

Margiela's bet was a moody and dark-ish collection, filled with goth and grunge like elements. The collections was a bit confusing, yet cohesive somehow, it had many elements and many things to look at even though the garments were quite simple.

Long coats and layering, pronounced, very deep "V"cuts, knitted fabrics, shorts and sweaters, lace up shoes and calf length socks, the collection had it all, like a teenagers mind it was all over the place, yet somehow the collection was still cohesive.

The is a rocker vibe to this collection with deteriorated fabrics and longer coats, it reminds me of a musicians closet in the 90's if that makes any sense, but overall there are several pieces amongst the collection worth a second look and like every fashionista knows, its all about styling and mixing, and theres a lot to play around with with Margiela's collection.


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