Lanvin FW'16 Menswear (PFW)


Lavin presents a collection with slight grunge- goth finishes and boho-pirate feel, the collection overall filled with slightly oversized garments and slim fit pants, a feminine touch with low cut neck shirts, transparencies and belted coats.

Simple, modern pieces with retro cuts for a bohemian approach and fabrics that evoke the modern times, and the overall essence of the modern man that Lanvin dresses. Stylish, modern and youthful, the collection features elements that every modern fashionista seeks in a timeless piece.
As far as color goes the collection was pretty 50 shades of grey, but we got to see the some pop of color here and there, mostly at the very bottom, I mean the shoes, in two colored, gradient combinations in not so traditional colors, like neons and blues. Earthy and neutral tones also made an appearance, as well as the ever so wintery marsala-ish or burgundy red

Big, bulky sort of shapeless bags were also a big statement down the runway, and element to go along the over all presentation of the collection, said bags were fighter or boxer like looking, that gave the collection a different tone and feel yet related to the overall concept. Mesh elements were also present as overall pieces, fishing lines looking like pieces where place over unbuttoned shirts.


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