Giambattista Valli Haute Couture SS'16

Simplicity, chic, layering, volume, embroidery, sophistication and femininity. Those are the words to describe Valli's most recent couture collection.

It started off with simple, retro, light and bright colored little dresses with layered, volumed details, shortly followed by wide short dresses, above the knee length with embroidered details that popped up the designs to life. Then came the small tule capes and the cross over dresses along with the fairy, boho looking dresses.

Embroidery is no stranger to Valli or couture collections in general for that matter, but 'Battista always brings the best out of it, with intricate and delicate, sophisticated designs aimed for a very feminine modern woman that values the good elements from the past. Volume has been a very present element for a while now for Valli's shows  and the world has been loving it, including mayor A-listers like Rihanna, who have rocked Valli's extreme, voluminous designs on the red carpet.  

This couture collection was no exception to this volume characteristic, it evolved effortlessly, from voluminous ankle lenght skirts and sleeveless tops, to sleeveless voluminous tops with fluid longer skirts and of course the now signature de-strutured skirts in all lengths.

Some of the dresses had a small inverted "V"neck overall piece that Im calling a mine inVerted cape that was very retro and modern at the same time. Kind of like an overall bow or the more sophisticate d version of the overall shirt, who knows, but it was lovely and unique.

Color was just as simple, yet very present as the rest of the details on the garments, pastels and neutrals along with colorful embroidery attachments that made the pieces stand out, yet not overwhelm the designs.

It was all about covered shoulders or uncovered shoulders, it was the best of both worlds all in one single collection, this gives it a very demure and delicate feel to the pieces which only makes it even more feminine and sophisticated, not to mention the delicate and flowing fabrics that give the pieces that lightweight appeal that every girl looks for, comfort is never to be underestimated and Valli knows that all to well it seems, even though embroidery and volume appear to always be a synonym of weight and heavy garments, Valli's pieces looks as if they were floating down the runway.


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