Dolce & Gabbana FW'16 (Milan Fashion Week) Menswear

Finally! that's what I have to say about this collection, at least to start it all of. D&G has been on what I call Domenico & Stefano's Midlife crisis, and I mean, with that tax evasion issues, life's gotta be hard for them right now right, but that should not be an excuse. D&G's collections, for about 2 or 3 years now, have been way over the top, excessive embroidery and heavy, overwhelmed garments, not much to my liking to say the least, so that it's way I was sort of  pleasantly relieved when I saw this collection, and I say "sort of" because only the pieces you see pictured below are what I consider to be rescuable from the entire collection.

Although the collection was absolutely more demure then the prior ones, there where still several heavy elements, but at least we got a more "sober" version this time. Soft and neutral black, white and grey colors, easy on the eye prints and more modern elements. The fit as always was impeccable, if there is something D&G understands is how to portrait and showcase the best assets of the human figure and this time of course was no exception. 

The collection was very Milan, very Spanish, so to speak. Little details like horseshoes, the classic tied around the neck handkerchiefs, prints and embroidery details that resemble landscape elements and the retro berets, all seemed very Spanish and Milan-ish, elements very present in the culture very and delicately and subtly incorporated into the collection.

Goat wool coats were also incorporated to this collection and brilliantly I most add, they did not seem very heavy at all and they brilliantly mixed with tights and button up or lace up shirts, some that even looked  a bit Pj-ish, but only made the perfect mix and match of the elements on the outfits. Pants of the same fabric (not pictured) were also showcased, but those did look very heavy and not very wearable at all.

Overall the collection was quite good and wearable and more approachable rater then not, and stepping away from their latest attempts to appeal -in a very desperate attempt- to the younger demographic, this time they at least did it right, the collection was modern, casual, chic, and stylish. Fabrics looked comfortable and easy to wear and the elements included were not overwhelming or overpowering the made for a good mix and match.


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