Clavin Klein AW'!6 Menswear

Clean, Minimal and... Cozy?...

Clavin Klein is a brand very well known for its minimalist approach on clothing. Black, white and denim are elements almost always present in their collections, and this AW '16 collection is not the exception, but this time we see the addition of two not so traditional elements... for the brand that is. 

This season we have see the inclusion of a very non traditional element amongst many collections, and that element is a stranger to both Calvin Klein and many other brands, I'm talking about the "Foil" fabric. Calvin Klein and many other included this fabric amongst their collections, and must I say Klein did it perfectly. 

The collection started with denim of course, washed out denim with golden linings to match the rest of the upcoming gold pieces that would later follow. The collection started with a casual approach, ripped denim jeans and T's, then came the coats, even though the collection never missed it's casual feel -as usual for the brand in general- it took a more serious or formal approach when the jeans came of and more formal, but still pretty casual, fitted black tailored pants started to march down the runway.

Like I said before two elements were included in this collection that sort of broke the mould for the brand's usual approach. One of those elements was the already talked about "foil" fabric and the other was a color, Emerald or more likely the not so unfamiliar military green, even though the color is no stranger to Fall/Winter collections, it sort of is for the brand. Bulky looking, jackets and coats marched down the runway, making this a small yet significant step "out of the comfort zone" of the brand's usual approach... sort of...

Still the brand was pretty loyal to its name and signature style and kept things casual and stylish as usual. Minimal style, simple cuts and neutral tones governed the collection. The opaque black and white colors where topped with shiny elements, such as foil coats and jackets, and charcoal lace up shoe, it all contributing to that modern, clean signature style of the brand.


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