Bottega Veneta AW'16 Menswear

Retro, Clean and Texturised. The retro vibe has been a very persistent  and reoccurring element this season on several collections, most designers have gone back to the 70's and 80's for inspiration for their collections, and so is the case for Veneta.

A very clean, retro collection that gradually morphs from neutral navy blue, black, white and grey tones, to plaided retro coats and jackets and plaided patched garments that add up to the 80's vibe present along the collection. Another element present, and actually my favorite one, is the inclusion of rubberised fabrics, leathery, rubberised  fabrics were included amidst the collection. Coats, pants and bags were showcased in said fabrics and once again it adds up to the retro feel of the collection.

Layering is a common element amongst Fall/Winter collections, and Veneta is not the exception. Although the collections starts very light weighted looking, it develops to much "heavier" looking pieces. Wool and knitted coats and sweaters marched down the runways as the collection came to and end. Emerald greens, plaid and stripes in general were very present amongst the collection as well as the once again recurring pronounced "V"neck.

Scarves, could not be missing in this collection and they didn't. From slim to "dual" or  bicolored and longer knitted ones, scarves were a very distinctive element amongst the collection. Turtle necks, hats and mid sized carry on bags were also present elements and perfect complements to accessorise the outfits


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