Berluti FW'16 Menswear

London 70's - 80's call... London boy, was the first thing that popped up in my mind when I saw Berluti's FW '16 collection, very stylish and modern with a very present retro vibe. From the earthy tones to the statement elements present amongst the garments, Berluti's collection was a perfect portrayal of what a retro inspired collection should be. The femininity present in the collection with very subtle details like, low cut necks, high waisted pants, belted coats, neck tied handkerchief and oversized pieces made this one a very fresh and current collection, even though this elements are not really modern at all, rather, resurfacing to present fashion. Regardless the collection is and absolute success and a must have.

Last year's collection was one of my favorites, if not my actual favorite of them all, color reigned the runway, this year it kind of did it again but in a more demure way, with a reign of earthy tones and more earth tinted pastels -if that makes any sense- that contributed to the retro factor.

Colors was mostly earthy overall, but the collection gradually grew into the darker side of the color paled. Vertical stripes, clean cuts, pronounced oval neck's and texturised charcoal shoes were also very present elements in the collection and its outfits. Over all a very stylish and modern collection, that makes Berluti a stand out name amongst many others.


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