Balmain FW '16

Balmain has become the name for many things in the past few years, Style, Celerity Culture, Mainstream Media and Power Names, amongst many other pop culture references, by the hand of Olivier Rousteing, Balmain is now a modern cultural phenomenon, than just a Parisienne brand for the extremely wealthy. Now don't be confused while Balmain is now a more well know name amongst a younger demographic, the bran still keeps it's regal status, that Rousteing has managed to give a modern take to, along with a youthful army to follow.

Speaking of regal, this collection was no exception when it comes to the term. It certainly resembles royalty, it's military approach gives it that good old British appeal. From the choice of fabrics, to the intricate and detailed work that each individual piece has, to the overall collectiveness of it, only adds up to Rousteing's already existing genius contributions to the brand. Colorfulness, prints and embroidery were no strangers to the collection, it has a very strong english/military/equestrian vibe, it's very modern approach. gives it that extra edge to only makes it even better.

The collection slowly evolved from very heavy, military inspired pieces and colors to more "demure" tones and fabrics, still keeping of course that "effervescence"that characterises the brand.

Women's were not excluded, they were though more of sneak peak I think of what's to come from the actual women's AWF'16 collection. Very intricate detail and lots of embroidery and fringe were the most present elements amongst the women garments.

The runway didn't only shine from Olivier's designs but also for the super models that walked the catwalk for the brand. Just to mention a few, the overnight sensation Lucky Blue, the Spanish stallion Jon Kortajarena, former Taylor Swift's video darling, Sean O'Pry and of course Brasilian bombshell Alessandra Ambrosio, amongst many other familiar faces.


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