OOTD : Coat'ta Have It!

Hello Sappers!

Hope you all had a very pleasant holiday season amongst your loved ones. With endings, come new beginnings, and as we say good bye to year 2015, we now welcome year 2016, hope you all find closure and clarity and are able to keep moving ahead and forward.

I live in a tropical country (Honduras), so coats are not a big most here, but I love them, and the seasonal weather sort of allowed me to portrait the look a couple of times. To Start of the year I give you this year's first look. "Coat'ta Have It"

Coats are really the easiest or garments to wear, and there's virtually no way for you to mess it up, but never say never right... But really coats are quite easy to wear, and as I am showing you on this post, and keeping my simple approach on things, and because the weather didn't really allowed me to wear it any other way, I present to you the casual, simplest way to wear a coat.

Basic Ripped black Skinny Jeans, A Basic white 'T, some comfy shoes and a lightweight scarf to top it up a notch. Dark colours are of course, always a good option, and the mix and match between neutral tones, makes for a perfect seasonal ensemble. It's important to keep in mind the fabrics that you put on, as I mentioned on my Holiday shopping guide post, I'm very observant of such details, if you, like me, live in the tropics, but want to pull this look of without the hustle, make sure you pay close attention to the fine print on the labels of your clothes. Use fabrics that can breath, that will provide coverage, but not suffocate you. Cotton is always the best option, specially for 'T's and pants (or jeans). As for the coat, use wool blend items, and stay as far away as possible from polyester, or you might boil your self alive.

Coat (Navy Blue): Zara
Scarf: H&M
T Shirt: Zara
Skinny Jean: Pull & Bear
Shoes: Nike
Location: "El Hatillo", Tegucigalpa, Honduras

Hope you all have a great start this year and are able to keep up your energy levels to carry on throughout the rest of the year. Sending positive vibes your way! XO


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