LCM (London Collections Men) AW16, Day 1

We've come full circle! it's that time of the year once again

That time when we look at endless proposals from countless designers all over the world, yes peeps it's runway season.This time in particular, we are focusing on the London Collections Men AW'16 catwalks that took place the past 8-11 Jan '16. Today we review some of the shows on day 1.

Top Man

Always fresh and hip, Top Man brings a collection for full of young. Long cuts are still a thing and oversized seems to be in it to stay. Between dark colors and some floral and symetric patterns, Top Man offers a fresh proposal for you to wear the upcoming winter season. Denim was no exception on the runway, it made and appearance in some of the pieces on the show, including one long coat that was actually one of my favorite pieces from the collection. The fabrics and patterns gave the collection it's fresh and young approach, as well as that wintery feel we get from the darker side of the color paled. Over all, a very wearable collection and very current, with just the right amount of daringness.

Nasir Mazhar

Mazhar, whom likes to step out of the comfort zone, did kind of step into said zone this time, he's collection was mostly very structured and wearable, but some pieces (not shown in the pictures below) were his usual self, although he didn't let go all the way, the collection was all black (and some white), but it was very rich in texture and layers, he also used what seems like permeable fabrics and classic cuts, to not so classic fabrics. I would say, a collection more for the explorer fashionista than the city boy but still there were several pieces (the ones pictured) very wearable


City boy... that was all the came to mind when I saw the Barbour collection, its the classic pieces and basic pieces every guys needs in its winter closet, filled with earthy tones, and of course leaning towards the darker side of the color paled as per usual in winter collection. An absolute wearable collection, that brings classic and assurance to the most conservative fashionistas who fell just fine with the know.


The Ultimate collection... My favorite form day 1, for obvios reasons, the simple and asymetric cuts, layering, neutral colors (black and white and some very dark navy blue). 1205 plays with my ultimate favorite elements *mentioned above) layering, the color paled and the femenin touch, in just the right amount to me makes the perfect and ultimate must have collection. A collection for the men with style and classic taste with and edge for the new and silent yet notorious elements. There was nothing not to be loved about this proposal. jumpsuits also made an appereance wich is one of the the trends I believe we will see most this year in both menswear and women's collections.

Alex Mullins

The gallerie is open for business... Now and then we get to see this beautiful type of collections, such as Alex Mullins AW'16 proposal. A beautiful and artsy patchwork and kaleidoscopical prints brings this collection to the next level. Not very wearable for the everyday hustle, but is sure is a work of art. Denim and photographic prints bring this collection to life with a very edgy proposal and a must see for sure. The pieces separated would be much more wearable for the daily life, but overall an amazing collection with a refreshing new approach.


I dont know why, but you can see and feel the Scandinavian approach in this collection, the colors and textures just scream Northern Europe to me for some reason. A very structured collection with lost of color and pieces to choose from. Layering was the most present element in this collection and it also had that feminine touch to it that some of use love. High waisted pants along with the uppercut jackets and longer coats which are the most "basic"trend if you will for this up coming season. Very wearable overall and the variety in color makes it a little more joyful for you to sort of cheer the streets in the winter season.

Craig Green

Clinical Fashion... This collection reminded me the documentary "The September Issue" where André Leon Talley makes a reference to "Clinically Fashionable"garments. If you were ever to be in a psychiatric guard, now you know what to wear. No just kidding (or am I?)... All jokes aside though and aside from the straight jacket and psychiatric references you can come up with, this collection, I think the designer had in mind more of a apocalyptical scenario, where you would need more protection from the elements (wanted or not). Not so wearable today, but, lets see what the future brings, we might be wearing similar fashion a few years from now.

Universal Works

Universal Works presents a more hippie-ish collection, more or less... let's say it's the hippie fashionista, that has a hippie soul but doesn't completely go all the way to the dark, moody, dirty side of the hippie lifestyle, this is a cleaner more "Hippster" hippie if you will. Super wearable pieces over all, with a very masculine approach, with relaxed fits and lows cuts everywhere, commodity and comfort read all over this collection.


If they only grew wheat in the arctic... This was over all the most wintery collection of them all on day 1 at LCM, very cosy and "protective" pieces, permeable fabrics and pieces designed for a much more heavy winter. Even the shoes were protected by a sort of plastic element, you can tell this collection is meant for a different environment and surroundings. Still a very much wearable collection, also a bit more futuristic in my opinion, but hey this year are supposed to have a heavier winter so, get the shopping going guys!


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