LCM (London Collections Men) AW16, Day 2

Agi & Sam

Lean and Clean, that's how I describe this collection. Clean cuts and lean fabrics make this a must have collection, the play within lengths and simple asymmetries make the pieces definite must haves. Layering plays an important and not so very noticeable part on this collection, it is so well put together, that the layering is almost unnoticeable and gives it that lean not so heavy structure. Slightly oversized  pieces make a perfect collection from start to finish. The colors remain on the darker size of the color paled, but we see the inclusion of brown and emerald green, along with the more often see navy blue and beige. From the colors to the fabrics and overall simplicity concept this is one the best collections from day 2.

E. Tautz

Fifty shades of grey... Tautz was feeling grey and blue for this season, as these were the colors the reigned the collection, we see a display a different ranges of grey that make perfect matching outfits, with of course some black and navy blue coming onto the scene. The lines were feminine, oversized and classic, with a very simple and sort of 70's aesthetic. Scarfs are a must we it comes to this type of collections, and this one of course was not the exception, with the inclusion of the before mentioned 70's resemblance tied up scarf. High waisted pants and Mao shits with frontal openings give the collection the feminine touch that gives it the modern twist. Jumpsuits, as mentioned before on the prior post from LCM day one, are here to make a statement, as they are being showcased in almost every collection, and Tautz is playing along with the already ongoing trend.


Just as if making reference to the very well known company that carries a similar name, Mackintosh's AW16 collection is clean, lean and simple, from the colors to it's over all aesthetic their proposal for the upcoming season is simple yet memorable, with a range a trench coats that are sure to make a statement for whomever wears them. Classic and memorable pieces that are a definite must.


Permeable fabrics are a big thing already as far as we've seen at only day two in LCM, and Casely-Hayford is all up for it. Along with wools and printed fabrics, this collection is a brilliant one, they take the coats length ever further and display a range of cape looking like coats that give it modern touch with the inclusion of a not so modern element, yet it manages to make it seem current end even futuristic if you will. Color was more present on this collection, as they included printed jackets and blazes and the usage of military green rather then just emerald green which was also present.


Mile hight club... Coach is a brand that has always characterised for its sophistication and distinguished taste, buyers shop this brand for it's luxurious and polished pieces. This collection bears no exception to the brand's unique and emblematic  image. Fur, leather and an over all contemporary and youthful look, makes this a perfect collection for the young elite, Stylish young fashionistas around the globe will be very much appreciate this collection and everyone else who owns one of this garments. A more contemporary look for the brand then usual but a step in the right direction I think. The color paled stay between the classic colors for the season with the addition of son reds and crimson red details that gives it a pop of color and contributes to the young apparel of it all a little "rebellion"if you will... 

Matthew Miller

My favorite from Day two, a hard thing for me to say, since most of the collections shown on day two where very minimal and had all the elements I love in a collection and in clothes over all, but after a long inner debate I've come to terms that this is my favorite from day 2...
Minimalism, Femininity, neutralism, the cut, the fit, the fabrics, etc. There is nothing in this collection not to be loved, I love every single thing, every detail, from head to toe, the belted pieces, the lengthy garments, the retro vibe, just everything. Charcoal black, bone white, and the shoes, everything was on point. Over the posts I have always stated how much I love the feminine touch to be part of a collection or piece of clothing or outfit for that matter, and this collection has all of that!
The retro vibe with the belt is everything, and the coats make the perfect match for it. The sort of opaque black of the clothes make the perfect match for the shiny shoes and the slight shiny of the belts, the attention to detail is just so overpowering. Layering once again plays a huge part of yet another collection and Miller does it with such ease that the outfits look very light and easy to wear.


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