Golden Globe Awards 2016

And so it begins!

It is here folks! awards season has officially kicked off, and oh boy did it kick. I was expecting a lot of conservative, plain colors and such, but I... we, had ourselves a pleasant surprise, COLOR! I was so pleasantly and overwhelmingly surprised to see such a display of color and texture down the Globes red carpet, seems like the celebs are over the monochromatic phase, and even thought I am all up for it, I could not be more exited about such a brilliant display. From Bright colors to embroidered masterpieces and of course some classic looks, the Golden Globes Red Carpet was a show of its own.

Bright Stars

Take a look at darling America Ferrera in classic and simple yet so fresh Jenny Packham ensemble, she always makes great decisions and for sure knows what looks good and flattering on her. Who can say they did not turn their heads at least 4 times to Jlo's Valli's Gown (that just in case you were not starring in the first place) And of course bombshell Rosie Huntington, looking stunning as always, like a true goddess, simply a vision. her being her that was for granted already but in this Atelier Versace she could do no wrong.

Golden Goddesses

Fashion darling Rooney Mara in McQueen, a very risqué option I must say, in this picture she looks amazing, but the dress did not do her much favors from certain angles, and she had a long ponytail braid that was also not my favourite for the occasion. Kate hudson on the other hand blew me away in this Michael Kors ensemble, she looked stunning!, truly breathtaking, sex appeal in just the right amount. Nominee Brie Larson did not disappoint in costume made Calvin Klein, and she looked like a golden statue herself a true winner's look.


Texture was as present as color and bedazzle and the carpet. Olivia Wilde was a vision of her own in this bearing Michael Kors Collection ensemble, this color suits her very well I must add. And Fashion's newest darling Zendaya, who can do no wrong, obviously, took the carpet by storm in this Marchesa Texturised gown, showing a lot of her more experienced colleagues how its done. Kate Bosworth in my humble opinion always looks amazing and this time was no exception, she looked flawless in this Dolce & Gabbana Embroidered gown.

The Classics

Red is no stranger to Hollywood events, and its just as basic as a black and white I'm afraid, but it never disappoints when done the right way, and here we have some perfect examples. Amy Adams looked ravishing in this Atelier Versace kind of orange - coral colored gown, it looked different shades under different lighting, but still quite amazing. Even thought I'm not a JLaw fan (as a person anyway...) this girl almost always looks incredible and Dior has not made one bad decision when it comes to dressing her up, 'cause this cut off dress was perfection, it really flattered her in all the right ways and just to clarify the prior statement, as an actress I think she's really good at what she does, although she might be a little too over rated for my liking but as a person she's just annoying, sorry guys, she is... Moving on... Emmy Rossum was the definition of classic in this simple, sleek strapless Armani Privé siren cut dress.


Nominee and Scream Queen Jamie Lee Curtis looked amazing in this beautiful texturised navy Blue gown, this girl knows her game. Marie Antoinette, AKA, Kirsten Dunst looked dashing in this bearing Valentino Couture dress. God Save The Queen! Helen Mirren Looking like a true queen in this body hugging Badgley Mischka Dress.


Nominee Alicia Vikander Looking Flawless in this simple and chic Louis Vuitton dress. Saoirse Ronan looking like a caped angel in Yves saint Laurent Couture and of course Mrs. Jane Fonda looking dashing in this magnificent texturised Saint Laurent gown. 

The Risk Takers

Sometimes taking a risk pays of, and makes you stand from the crowd the right way, and this two, were the perfect example at the globes Red Carpet, watch and learn girls, watch and learn... 
Blindspot star Jaimie Alexander looked stunning in this V cut emerald green gown by Genny and Mean Girl, Rachel Mcadams looking like a true Queen B in this floral gown by Lanvin. It was not Wednesday guys so she did not have to wear pink.

Color Me Blue...

Bryce Dallas Howard was one of the firsts to arrive at the carpet and she set high standards for the night in this beautiful feathery, shimmery, velvety and overall beautiful Jenny Packham dress. America's sweet heart Kate Winslet looking beautiful in this body hugging Ralph Lauren dress. Julianne More can't ever disappoint and when you are dress by Tom Ford, you are dressed to impress and she sure did in this beautiful asymmetric cut sequin, navy  blue gown.

Decades Apart...

That prior reference is not because of their age difference, but because they look as if taken from different decades indeed, the always glamorous Cate Blanchett looking like a true old Hollywood star in this 40's inspired gown by Givenchy all those fringes can only bring back memories from Holywood's golden age, head to toe perfection. Leslie Mann on the other hand taking a more contemporary approach in this more gorgeous Monique Lhuillier embroidered gown.

Embroidery Perfection

Viola Davis looked like perfection in this gorgeous Marchesa Gown, theres nothing else to say other than that she's such a beautiful person inside and out and I love to see and hear all the empowerment that she irradiates. Channing Tatum's wife looked breath taking in this beautiful embroidered Zahair Mured Gown making girls all over the world even more jealous of her.

Stan Alone

Malin Akerman is one of the most beautiful stars out there, and also, one of the few to rock the silver shade on the carpet. She looked stunning in this Reem Acra Gown

Big Winner of the night Stefanie Germanotta AKA Lady Gaga looked, for lack of words at this point, STUNNING! I mean, Medusa move over stunning, this girls can just freeze you up when she gets it right, I just love it when Gaga dresses like a true Hollywood star, she looks amazing and nobody can do what she does, this award commemorates her as one the most accomplished artists of our time, she will be our Marilyn Monroe, but hopefully will have a much happier ending, but let's not move away from the subject, she was of course wearing one her very best friends Donatella Versace's designs. Lets stop and admire for a second the power of gaga, she truly knows her body and knows what to put on, she looked completely gorgeous.

Funny girl Amy Schumer, who's had a very big year, steps up for her nomination for "Train Wreck" in a Pradal Gurund black and white asymmetric gown and she looks gorgeous, hope er hype never dies 'cause she is truly the best at what she does, kudos Amy, yo go girl!

Boys Will Be Boys...

The boys also did their thing, this year the classic Black Tux was the big hit, no navy blue not many variations, they all when for the ever so classy Tux, and I mean who can blame them, theres not much to choose from and you can never go wrong with the classic, but take a look for yourselves

That was it folks, this was a really good year, fashion and show wise, Ricky Gervais did an amazing job and HFPA obviously know what their doing, I mean guys has hosted the show 4 times now, and I do not doubt he will do it again a few years from now, he's truly a master of his art. The Televised show it self was a good one it had good surprises and some moments I'll never forget. like when Gaga "gently"moved Leo's arm off her way. that was just brilliant and so many other to count on this post you better see for yourself in case you didn't, 'cause let me tell you, if you didn't see the show you missed quite a few things, so go look for it on youtube or something. 

Anyways Thanks for visiting and reading guys! Till next time. XO


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