Alexander McQueen AW'16 Menswear

Meet Edward Scissor Hands Fashionable cousin...

Before we get into the collection I want to address a fun fact. This year's AW Mens collection was presented as "Alexander McQueen"and not just "Mcqueen" as they were trying to Shorten the brand's name, which was obviously an utter mistake, even though I have to sides to this decision... The brand will clearly not ever be the same without McQueen himself, and even though Sarah Burton was his right hand and she has somewhat kept the brand's over all image -although Im sure to for her own liking-, it's clear that Sarah has her own vision, that she has not been able to fully showcase, and this only suggests that, that moment is not coming any time soon. Bad News for Sarah, but I guess this are good news for the brand itself.

Now lets get to the fun stuff. The collection has a very grunge, punk-ish vibe, and it sort of reminded me of Edward Scissor Hands, this was more do to the styling on the runway than any other reason really, but the fake face piercings and such, had a lot to contribute to this fact.

But honestly overall the collection is quite stylish and sophisticated and in some ways very classic. The cuts and over all style was very classic, with the inclusion of modern and artsy details like patch work, flowery prints and embroidery. There were also some other pieces that slightly made reference to opera orchestra directors clothing pieces.  The collection had a little bit of variety, it had some oversized pieces and mostly fitted, perfectly tailored garments. Length and layering was a very present element amongst the collection, though it was very fluent and collective, so the pieces didn't look heavy, nor did the outfits look overcharged.

Overall Sarah is doing a great job in keeping that artsy - dark-ish vibe that McQueen brought to the runways, with her own brighter and simpler, more wearable approach, still I look forward to the day we see her become her own.


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