The "Blogger" Cliché

Hello Sappers! 

Today I will be talking about trends, the "it" items otherwise know as "must haves". We often hear from bloggers, influencers and fashion stylist amongst other fashion connoisseurs and magazine publications about said "Must have" items, now, this I'm about to say is something I've said before, when it comes to fashion, always wear what suits you and most importantly what you feel most comfortable in, that being said there are a few pieces that I don't particularly agree with and some I do, lets get on it shall we?

Most people say Fashion is about looking forward, but truth is all we see are designers getting "inspired" on past decades or past elements, and this trends act the same way; editors in magazines just bring back past trends and "reinvent" them, and so it leaks to bloggers and so on and so forth and what have you... Truth is bloggers and social influencers are the people that are probably most accountable for said trends now a days, people look for "inspiration" on blogs and such.

When it comes to style and fashion I like simplicity and think I've made that quite clear in my posts and in the general approach of this publication, and I pride myself in my own personal style, so when I tell you these know that its only with your best interest in mind. As far as style goes, you should always choose "you", elements that complement you, that help you portrait who you are and how you define yourself, this is why I cant deal with these following trends, not all that is mainstream should be, and not every single trend looks good on every one, so truly "adopt" and "adapt" only those that match you and not the other way around.

Let's review some of these trends shall we!

The Classic Adidas

Please make it stop, I'm all about sports wear, I really am, I think you have seen that on my outfits, I'm not a fan of formal wear and I only wear so if necessary and as much as I love to match a blazzer with some sneakers for comfort more then for image, I just can't deal with everyone wearing adidas for everything these days, just don't people its really quite amuzing to see everyone wearing the same kind of shoes at an event, and have them all claim that they are "unique" and don't even try to have them explain it to you... This classic shoes are a come back trend and this are really bulky shoes... in case you did not own a pair back in the early 90's then you wouldn't know, but for those who did you know their build and its quite big, I have never been a fan of big shoes, as a matter of fact I try to get shoes that make my feet look as small as possible, don't ask me why cause I don't even know, but come to think about it who does?... anyways don't be a victim, of this "trend"

The Ugly Sandals

There's really no other way to properly name them, this sandals are simply ugly, and I don't even know what they are called cause I imagine they have a name probably and and original brand who put them in the market but people, if you are not a major celebrity (and even if you are) please, please don't bother!!!! This is the most annoying trend ever, you people look ridiculous, leave this sandals for home wear only, this do not look chic or stylish in any way, I get it if you are models and use this backstage at a runway show or whatever but them being a trend???!!! No, just no. I wouldn't even play the comfort card for these ones, it's just wrong, Im all about comfort and all, but this time I'll pass...

The "Gladiator" Lace Up Heels

Not to be mistaken with Gladiator sandals which I actually do like, but now a days they have taken it to far, these are Ugly effing shoes, I don't care which brand they are they are ugly mofo shoes, girls don't wear this, they don't look good, on anyone, they are hideous, I mean god knows peep toe shoes are not for everyone, but this is outrageous, no really it drives me nuts and this needs to stop asap, there are soooo many good heels out there. I simply do not understand.

The White All star Converse

This one is hard for me cause I do love All star's and white ones are specially nice and they really are kind of a must have, but lately they became such a main stream thing, I stopped wearing mine, now don't get me wrong I'm no the type of guy that claims a thing as his own, and I think all of this trends truly implemented and accommodated to fit you and not to make you fit in the "trend"are good pieces to have in your closets but at least be a little daring and push past the trend alone and take it to next level or really make it yours..

The plaid Shirt (Red)

Plaids are such a statement piece and I do think everyone needs to get at least one, but at least skip the red one, unless, like me, you are not really into the color red, then get it must definitely, cause its not so overwhelming  as a full on red T or whatever... but anyways plaids are a nice piece of clothing to have, and they go beyond basic, this trend I do support and encourage

Ripped Jeans

This is one of the other trends that I am all up for, I love ripped jeans and its such a fun thing to mix and match and just play around with them, you can come up with so many different looks, from a grungy like look to a more stylish and preppy like one, just like the one show in the photo, they are a truly versatile piece of clothing and you can either buy them or do them your self by simply wearing a pair of jeans off or grabbing an old pair and cutting them off, doesn't that sound like fun?...

This brings me to the next item>

Beanie Hat and The "Amish""Hipster" Hat

We've all seen The Devil Wears Prada right?... remember when Andy's undisclosed sexuality friend say one night over dinner "accessories are not about utility, they are nearly a piece of iconography, used to express individual identity" well I could not say that I could agree more, this statement could not be any more accurate, when it comes to hats and watches and accessories in general, who really needs them right? but they sure are fun to wear and they of course help you express and give your whole outfit and style that final touch every OOTD needs 

This and many other trends (too many to talk about in just one post really) are perceived as must haves, and some truly are, just make sure you stay beyond the hype and truly use what suit you and not the ther ways around,cause it really is sad to see people trying to stay cool and be part of the trend  even "influencers" who just adopt any trend and it sometimes simply does not work.

So in summary do you peeps, don't be misled by "trend setters"or "influencers" cause most of them just showcase said trends cause they are getting paid to do so, so you be the judge, its up to you who you take and follow advice from the misleaders who tell you to get something cause they are making big bucks from it or your own self. outsmart them and save some good money on the run.

Till next time peeps, let me know in the comment section bellow what you think about this trends, do you agree? which one is your fave, or some you'd like me to talk about, anything really, just leave a comment bellow *wink smily


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