Holiday Shopping Guide

This the season to go shopping, la la la la la 

Hellos Sappers!

The holiday season is upon us! where did this year go am I right? well like it or not, hate it or love it the holidays are almost here and its time to gather with the family and friends and rejoice and cherish each other... yeah right! its time to go shopping! well and that other stuff too of course, but seriously weather it's for your works holiday gathering, or presents for your family and friends, or of course to replenish your closet with fresh new garments this is the time of the year where we we all go a little nuts (or is it just me?... doubt it!) 

That is why today, I'd like to leave a a few pieces of advice for you to help guide you through this holiday season and maybe help you avoid miss spending your hardly earned money.

When it comes to shopping I'm very picky, well actually not just when shopping, but anyways, I'm very strategic and precise, I don't like to window shop, in fact I kinda "hate"those people, but that is a strong word, its more like I get really annoyed, but whatever... When clothes are on the table (so to speak) I always do my homework, and in these cases I love to do my research, I spend countless hours browsing store's websites and kinda getting an idea of what I want, so that when I go there, I go straight to the point, this is something I strongly recommend you to do, you'll find some disappointment along the way, cause not everything shown on the websites is always available at stores, but like I said this is just to get a wide spectrum of what you'll find, plus this will save you precious time when at stores and avoid annoying long lines.

If you are on a budget here are some pointers for you

Get statement pieces! focus on the big things, jackets, a good old blazer or nice vest a classic trouser some essential brogues, a really nice hat, etc. This are things you will want and need in your closet, thing you can mix and match with most of the rest of your clothes, this statement pieces will allow you to stay in the know and stylish for more then just the holiday season, you gotta think ahead, don't buy things just for the season think of elements that will play well with others from other season, for example a nice blazer will take you from a nice family dinner to a nice summer day event. This are kinda basic things and definite musts, same goes for jackets and vest and all that good stuff, its all about styling and thinking ahead, if you do it right, you will save a ton of money and your friends will be asking you for advice in no time.

Think Basic... Now that you got your statement pieces you gotta think of the way your are going to style them, and here's where the basics come in, you sorta gotta be graphic person for this cause you will have to figure out many outfits in your head, right on the spot (something I personally have no difficulty with, yes guilty as charged...) this are the items that'll bring variety and uniqueness to you outfit and overall style, you most be smart and combine elements you already have with new seasonal and trendy ones. Simple T's in several colours and button up shirts, like plaids and denim and such will help you bring your outfits to life and give them a nice current and up to date look.

Accessories... this part will help you the most, when it comes to accessorising you have to be really smart, cause this items most of all are very seasonal and vary a lot and they will be yesterdays news in no time, this is why you have to think ahead, look for classic timeless pieces, this is not being a basic bitch, is simply being smart and not spending your whole budget in one single shopping spree. Accessories will give your outfit that contemporary feel and you have to be really careful with what you pick, specially with sunglasses and watches and things of the sort. A nice hat will take you from winter to summer, and classic pair of lenses will do just the same.

Shoes. At this point this might sound a bit repetitive, but the same rules apply, get a nice looking pair of brogues on a good pair of slip ons in neutral colours, for the girls, a basic pump or stiletto also in neutral colours or outstanding colours like red or some other colour that might go well with the rest of your wardrobe. Shoes are other big thing to have variety in, cause they will bring said thing to your outfits and help you mix things up a little.
As for the rest guys, its all vanity ha ha, this may sound weird in this kind of post, but yes, perfumes and things like that are pure vanity, perhaps I say that cause I am truly not a perfume kind of person, but when I do get one I Prefer sporty au du toilettes, or just something that just smells fresh and not to heavy or sweat, not something that when you step into a room your odour is so strong you overwhelm the whole area, that's just not me, as you can see I take simplicity to all of its levels, but this is also a very personal matter

In summary, statement pieces, neutral colours, think of combinations, get new pieces that will match your already existing wardrobe. Don't think seasonally, if you do you will spend a lot more money and end up with  a much more restricted wardrobe. Follow all the prior and you have lots of variety, a wide range of clothes to truly choose from, and a whole lot of combinations, you will be a true fashionista!

Hope all of this helpful to you during this holiday season, and happy shopping!

Happy Holidays Everyone! Cheers! Till next time.


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