Chaguiton 2015

Hello Sappers!

Hope you all are having a wonderful and joyous holiday season. 

This is the season to be thankful and give some love back, its in those spirits that I now present this holiday post.

"Life's most persistent and urgent question is, what are we doing for others?" 
- Martin Luther King Jr.

As some of you may remember, last year I was invited by a friend and her family to assist to an event they have been holding for quite some time. This year I was invited again for the Ten year anniversary of what we call: "Chaguiton"2015. That's the reason for the name of the post, and now I will explain a bit about it for those of you who did not know about it, and for those of you who did read about it last year, but don't remember anymore.

The name "Chaguiton"comes from the name of the community we hold the activity in, its a small rustic community on the outskirts of Tegucigalpa, near "El Zamorano" AKA The Pan-American Agricultural School. (This is in Honduras, Central America, for the foreign readers). The Morales family, my friends, have been doing this activity for the past 10 years now. The activity itself consist in delivering an afternoon of enjoyment, happiness and fun for the kids of the community. They are provided with a small meal and refreshments, fun entertaining activities, and a surprise bag at the end, with some toys and candy.

This year being the 10th year anniversary the family decided to make a commemorative shirt the read a small lecture from the bible. This so much a commemorative item, as it was a reminder for us all to be thankful and grateful of the many blessing around us.

Just like last year, its was equally if not more rewarding to see the kinds faces, as they show a very wide range of emotion, from shyness, surprise and wonder to happiness and thankfulness. it was truly amazing to see how honestly grateful they were and to hear a shy thank you here and there was a feeling that I cannot describe with words.

I stand by the personal belief of not living by comparison, by that I mean that there are some that might be in "better"conditions than others at many different levels, and it is human nature to want more, but you reach a point in life (hopefully) were, simply knowing and acknowledging where you stand is truly a blessing and realising the interior peace, gratefulness and fulfilment comes from within yourself and not from others.

I hope we can continue doing this for years to come, and just like last year I'd like to encourage all of you anywhere you may be to do something similar, its not so hard, just grab a couple of friends and or family members and bring some joy to someone else, its one of the most rewarding its you will ever experience. And also thank you once again to the Morales family for letting me be part of this amazing thing.

“The simplest acts of kindness are by far more powerful then a thousand heads bowing in prayer.” 


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