Boys Taboo

Hello Sappers!

Today I'd like to address a very tabooed situation for guys... I'm talking about make up or mens skin care. with everything happening now a days it's kinda hard to keep up, but for what's its worth I think you can, and should do whatever makes or helps you feel more comfortable, and if that means putting on a coat of "make up"or taking care of your skin or applying creams or whatever it is, do it!

I personally am very conscious about my age, ageing is the thing I'm the most scared of probably, people say I look younger then my actual age and I love it! but (not so) deep inside I know the reality and at a certain point you have to start taking care or better care of certain things in your life.

This could be a really long post, cause there are a lot of things to talk about here, but today I'm going to limit myself to just one thing, and that is "skincare". Skin is obviously the most noticeable thing in a person's body and specially the face, we have hundreds of muscles in or face and a similar amount of movements and expressions that go along with them, therefore the face is the first part of our body to start showing signs of ageing (along with our hands). This is due to the use the we make of them on the daily bases, just think about it, those are the the more exposed areas of our body. That is why today I'd like to talk, to the boys specially, but you girls can join in too, no discrimination here guys, but you girls probably already know about this...

So boys, I know you guys don't pay much attention to this, only some of us do, if like me you were born in an all boys house (except for my mom of course) you had a hard time with this at home, my brothers still mock me 'till this very day, but we cool... What I want to talk about today is a very convenient product, very easy to use and get, this product is called a "BB Cream"or "CC Cream".

This little things are a true miracle, guys we have to take care of those dark bags under our eyes, I know I do, and this are the perfect items to do so and not only that, this creams have sun block in them, which in all cases if you still refuse to use this creams after you've read this post, then at the very least wear sun block guys, it helps A LOT! I guarantee you that, but back to the creams... they will give a nice little glow, like a fresh of the bed on a good day kinda look, it dries rapidly and absorbs perfectly, you can wear it all day and apply it like a simple cream, just like any other, its not a complicated thing, you don't need any tools other than your fingers, its as simple as that, buy it put it on and ta da! you are a different person, a better looking one for sure!

Now lets talk specifics, cause you will find a whole lot of these creams out there, when I got my first one I didn't really knew much about them, just knew that they where simple enough to use and conventional enough to go unnoticed at home, but after the first one,you live and you learn , this creams like any other, are a little greasy and I dont know about you, but my face is already greasy, so I didn't need that, it gave me a super extra glow, and not a good kind, so, if like me you have this same issue, like I'm sure most of you guys do, cause its a commun things amongst us to have,greasy skin, just make sure you grab a non greasy kind of cream, mostly CC Creams offer this, but really they're the same thing, I wont go in to deep here, but just take a little time to read labels, and if you are still too embarrased to go buy one, ask a girl friend to do it for you.

So yes guys, BB or CC Creams are a really good thing, you'll get a lot out of them, you'll feel a lot better without those dark spots, trust me and this wont make you less of a men, au contaire, you'll only feel and look better and save you skin of a few years and blemishes.


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