PFW Haute Couture Pt 2

Giambattista Valli
Valli does it again!...
Like I said before, if you have been following the Couture collections of the past seasons, it is truly remarkable to see the evolution of them along the seasons and Valli's is by far my favorite always.
A retro collection with lots of influences from the 60's, 70's and 80's, it starts with the shorter versions of puffy "ballerina" skirts with low waisted tops, and combinations of this with pants, it evolves to more intricate cuts and more structured garments. The attention to detail is remarkable, feminine details such as flower embroidery, feathers and sparkles and transparencies. He finishes up in the most magnificent way, with very big, gorgeous, long, puffy skirts, topped by long embroidered blouses.
It is truly one of the most elegant and outstanding collections from the Haute Coutre collections by all means.

Versace Atelier
A boho chic collection...
The collection from Versace is a very ethereal, fairy like collection, bohemian in a way, but to me more fairy like than anything else, it reminded me of nymphs or goddesses, that's what the models looked like walking down the runway.
Very soft colors and fabrics, a very feminine collection, filled with lots or girly colors and details such as embroideries, transparencies, some sort of corsets and sky high heels.

Easy to wear, light textures characterize this collection, the fabric selection is impeccable and so are the colors and every detail on every single garment, when it comes to couture details are everything and Donatella puts a lot attention to them in this collection.


Valentino seduces us to it's garden of Eden. Once again Valetino brings us to it's personal garden of Eden, were we are coaxed by fairies and goddesses dressed in beautiful, long, silky gowns.
The animal influence is still very present in this collection, as well as nature does, the non traditional floral details and the animal effects such as the use of feathers bring this animalesque element to the collection, something that makes it stand out from every other couture show.
We see long and short smooth wave dresses as well as some embroidery and transparencies. The color paled is exquisite, with mostly neutral colors but some radiance makes a cameo here and there.
A very sophisticated collection for a modern woman.


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