#asappupdates MFW (Milan Fashion Week) Part 1

Milan Fashion Week may have been short, but oh boy did the collections stud out, making it as the saying goes: "short but significant".
Costume National:
I'm never going to get tired of this, another collection that adds up femininity to it. Costume National's proposal consist in a major throw back, taking us back to the good old 80's-90's and giving us a punk - rock inspired collection, filled of course with lost of black, leather and fringes, but also adding up a touch of femininity to it that gives it a more modern touch. Low cut pants, low cut "V" neck shirts, transparencies, waist bands and chokers.
Genius collection overall, a nice mixture and more wearable 90's punk-rock approach adapted to today's man, a collection for the modern man period.

Bottega Veneta

One of my favorites for sure Bottega Veneta gives us a sporty, outdoors collection that had me wanting to go on a hiking trip, this SS '16 filled with neutral tones, and easy ready to wear clothes, jackets, chinos, joogers, loose shirts, bags, and formal wear for the man on the go.
From the color paled, to the relaxed fit, theres only so much to love about this collection, definitelly for the active, yet stylish men.

Ermenegildo Zegna
Whats starts off as a very simple, classic collection, effortlessly evolves into a modern sporty, classy one.
Leave it to Zegna to give you a good surprise, in this he's latest collection he started off with a very classic moody approach to the SS season, turning the page completely as the collection effortlessly evolves into a more colorful, plaided scenario.
Plaid was the major actor in the collection, from trench coats to sport jackets, over sized pants, bags, the collection had everything. Fit was perfect, confection was perfect, the color paled, the structure, how it evolved in from of your very eyes in such an effortless matter, simply amazing!
A collection for a young classy man.


Bali meets London, that's the way I can describe this collection in  simple words, what's definitely a middle eastern inspired collection adapted to fit the city, somewhat bohemian yet stylish, traveling man, think of a young entrepreneur man that travels a lot and loves to go away for a 3 month retreat in Bali, a traveler, a young stylish, bohemian man.
The Collection is filled with soft linens and light fabrics perfect for the SS season and comfort overall, carry on traveling bags, foulard's, cardigans and light jackets.
From the earthy tones to the slim fit and looser tops, this makes a  perfect proposal from Missoni for SS '16 season.


The Versage House never disappoints, and Arab - Oriental inspired collection that's only resembles a traveling, yet setter man.
A colorful collection overall, filled with Arab details like turbans and over sized shirts that resemble the long tunics Arabs wear, topped with classic yet modern suits. Prints, Purples, Neutral tones, bowling bags, sunglasses, belts, sandals and formal wear shoes with short pants and socks, the collection have a long variety, the perfect fit and structure, it is the perfect mash up of middle eastern and occidental.
Luxurious, modern and stylish, that's the approach from Versage for this SS Season. 


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