#asappupdates PFW SS'16 Menswear Collections Pt 2

The Dark side of the force...
A very dark, moody collection, perfection non the less, the over sized shirts and skinny pants and shorts, along the addition of feminine elements such as low cut shirts, sheer, metallic's and the high waisted pants... it is just perfection!
The high waisted pants were the thing for me, they just took me back in time and yet they look so fresh and modern, but also give it a feminine touch that I just love to see in menswear collections, and it does not take away the masculinity of it, it is marvelous!
Top 5 from PFW, this is a collection a style guru, a modern man that's very secure and sure of himself and that is a trend setter
Which was not very colorful at all, bets this season to the outdoorsy guy, what feels like a very "protective" wear collection, in a way, some of the outfits got me thinking about starwars and star trek.
The collection is quite unique, the color paled is mostly earthy tones and some from the darker scale, very little print usage but for a sort of camo looking like print. The fabrics look light and wearable, the textures, flat for the most part.


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