#asappupdates PFW SS'16 Menswear Collections Pt 1


Olivier Rousteing has taken the Balmain house to a hole new era, this SS'16 collection is simply outstanding, what is definitely a military-Greek inspired collection, with the gladiator sandals and the crossed toga cuts as well as the military influence not only in color but of course on the garments: the cuts, the fit, small details like buttons and such.
This collection is simply remarkable, yet another brilliant contribution from Olivier to the Balmain house, he is just not one to disappoint with his creativity.
From the intricate leather and metallic details, the elegant coats and jackets the feminine touch, there was just so many details, the attention to every single one of these was just remarkable. The color paled went from neutrals, to earthy tones to the darker side. The collection also has a London influence to it, a sort of tribute to the city.


Top 5 of my favorite collections from PFW, Berluti offers a fresh take for the SS ' 16 season. The collection started with a brigth, colorful segment, filled with color blocking, and just color in general and even though I'm not one for color, I couldn't help but to love it. it then evolved into a more monotone grey scale (which I loved as well) a more crisp, clean segment if you will, it then moved along to a combination of greys and blues, to end up with a bang! a splash of color once again, green being the star this time around.
This collection was brilliant, Clean, just above casual wear but not so formal either, the aesthetic of it was just stunning, the usage of color, the cuts, the fits, the fabrics and the small details. Something that I quite liked were the shirts, loose linen shirts that resembled a scarf that was just brilliant to me, also the bags from this collection I'll just tell you this: I want them all!
A collection for the young risqué men not afraid to make a statement. 


Another military inspired collection, this time from Dior...
For this SS'16 season Dior takes a military approach to the classic preppy London look. The most important part was played by "camo" (camouflage) no doubt. They took the classic suit and added military camo elements to it, also they took a shirt and deconstructed it in two tones, one for the collar and another for the body of the shirt. Something similar was done to the ties, by adding an extra layer to make it look as a double tie.
Other visible additions were the zippers, something that gave the garments that military feel. Camo bags, belts and sneakers were some of the details present in the collection, as well as checkered shirts and sweaters that give the collection that classic, preppy look. One particular item that caught my eye were the shoes, they took the combat boot and gave it that uplift that turned it into a must have shoe, it looks like a really cool military formal shoe that kinda looks like a sneaker, but not really, they are really cool, and of course there were also sneakers and sandals also inspired from the combat boot, they are really something.
The Collection was quite "kaleidoscopic" in a way, it was not colorful for say, but it that have a good amount of color in it, breaking from the monotone greys and blues. The collection is quite classic with the addictions of the on  going elements, such as sportswear and youthfulness that's ruling the fashion world in general.

70's meet the 00's...
A modern approach to the 70's, that's what it feels like to me, if there is one thing I could tell you that would be a trend this season, thata is scarves, boy were they on almost every show, and I loved it! and of course Hermes could not be the exception.
Effortless, youthful, chic and comfortable, those are the 4 words for me to describe this collection, a simple yet not basic approach, from the cut in the pants to the tailoring and fits, the color paled, the prints, the fabrics, everything was in sync.
Once again we see the "casual" approach, as to use light jackets and T's with lace up shoes and T's with sandals. The color paled reminds quite the same, blues, grays and some pastels and neutrals, along with some earthy tones.
Definitely a collection for a young man, with a very deep sense of fashion and styling


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